(NIGHT) 15

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  I could feel it. What I had been ignoring all day. I sat in the red room upon my throne and I could feel it rushing throughout the body. I could feel it rushing towards me. Not just me every Ian. I stood up slowly drawn to this strange feeling. I felt the urge to go into the hall. I felt the need to meet it head on. To embrace it and yet at the same time something deep inside of me screamed for me to turn around. It begged for me to turn the other way.

            I was only inches away from the door when it slammed closed in my face. I heard something crash into it and through it leaked an overwhelming feeling of pain. My mind was on fire with pain. My body had never known since agony. I opened my mouth and an earsplitting cry escaped from behind my lips. I fell to the ground writhing in pain. I had no control over my body. I had no control over my mind. All there was it seemed as if all there ever would be was this pain.

            “Vigil.” The voice of my darkness whispered to me. “Vigil…” it sounded worried. I never heard it sound like that before. Enough Vigil. I had to tell myself. Pain like this breaks people. I cannot, will not, shall not ever become broken again. I won’t repeat my sins of six years ago. I fought through the pain as I made it to my feet again. I reached the door and turned the knob falling through it.

            Something was wrong with us. Someone has fucked us over once again. I walked towards Dian’s door and opened it to see him in his room twisting in pain as well. Tears leaked from his eyes and I crawled over to him. Walking seemed like too much of an effort. It seemed like a waste of energy. I was going to kill Krad. If this was his doing I was going to slaughter him and every Ian that claims him as their king.

            “Jude.” I used his true name and he looked up at me and there was this sadness in his eyes that I never saw before. There was a pain shining through him that hurt me to my core. It was my job to protect the Ian’s on my side of the brain. It was bad enough already that Jude was the only Ian on my side that I knew where he was or haven’t killed off in the events six years ago. I needed to protect him it was my job.

            “Am I…am I dying?” he asked me and I wanted to punch him for even thinking that. If this idiot tried to give up on me and I die I swear to whatever god their might be I was going to kill him.

            “Of course not you idiot.” I hissed at him through my own pain. Why was there so much pain? I bit down on my bit until I could taste blood in my mouth. Where was he? If Evian was doing this I would teach him a lesson that he would never forget. “Stay in here and don’t move.” I told Jude as I left.

             I pulled myself to my feet again because there was no way that I was facing Evian on my hands and knees. I made my way to his safe room but the door was opened and he was nowhere in sight. Once more I swore to god if there is a god if any god could be cruel enough to make one such as me. One such as Ian. I swore to him if Evian was behind this I was going to end him.

            Catching his scent I followed it to the right side of the brain. It felt stronger here. As if this pain was coming out in waves over here. As if the core of it was somewhere here. And I didn’t doubt it. After all I followed Evian over here didn’t I. On top of the pain I could smell blood in the air. What the fuck was Krad doing over here? I followed the scent of blood and it brought me to a room. The door was opened and I went in.

            It took my brain a few moments to know what was going on. For one all the pain in the world seem to be in this room. For another Krad, Loki, and Hades were all in here. Hades was bleeding from his side and Loki was standing in front of him protectively. Krad was standing near them as well a frown set on his face. I could tell he was feeling the pain as well. They all were feeling it. Hades was on his knees panting for air. Loki had his face hiding behind his mask but from the way his knife twitched I knew he was feeling the burn.

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