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        Walking the halls of the mind all was silent and still. I could feel it though, I could feel him. The door was opened, our master awake. The others would be up as well. If our was up then he was woke as well. I frowned at my own thoughts. The memories that I had lose still haven’t come back to me yet. It was hard to explain this hatred I help for one of the Ian’s. One the wasn’t King or Vigil. I looked down at my hands. The blood of Tam still coated them.

       “Man of the hour.” Vice voice sounded out and I  turned to see him leaned against the wall.

       “Piss off Vice.” I hissed at him and he laughed a bit.

      “That’s no way to talk to me. After all I’m not the one stained with blood right now.”

    “You think I regret the death.”I asked my hands trembling, they were visibility shaking.

    “I would think so.” Vice said and I tossed my head back in laughed.

    “You fucking idiot.” I growled at him. “My hands are shaking because I am excited for my next kill.”

    “If you want blood so much I might know where to go.”   

    “Stay out my way Vice.” I said pointing my sword at him. Allowing the cold blade of it to rest against his neck. “Or you might find that you will be on the list as well.”

    “You are only allowed to kill who has lost there way.”

    “I’m making the rules now.” I said and walked away from him. Do you see this my master. My God. Do you see how I turn from you. How I abandon your teaching. Just as you have abandoned me. Watch me my Ian my father and my life. Watch as I destroy everything you worked so hard to build.

    I found my way to the body and gain control over it. The pain that comes with me taking control pulsed through my very begin.I was never meant to use the body and yet why should all the other Ian’s have there fun as I wait in the cold. I could feel it. This body of his rejecting me. My master didn’t want me to be set free on the people of this world. How unfair of him. How selfish of him to treat me as if I was no one as if I was nothing.

    I opened the eyes to the body and saw a boy sitting next to me. We were in a park. It’s been a long time since I had seen the blue sky or felt the green grass. A long time since I was about to be out in the world. I opened the mouth trying to speak the words of the body and only a gaging sound came out.

    “You okay?” The boy beside me asked. Tam’s blood was sweet but his was the blood of an Ian. Tainted and diseased I didn’t want that in this moment. In this moment I wanted real blood. I wanted his blood.

    “Fine.” I said looking him over. I didn’t know this boy. No that was true we knew him. I searched the memory of Ian for a name. Logan came to mind and I smiled. He was the brother of Vigil’s whore.

    “So like I was saying I don’t know what your deal is Ian but I want you to stay away from Mischa.” he said and I titled my head to the side.

    “Don’t call me that.” I whispered.

    “What?” he said and I frowned. I was not Ian. God was Ian. My master and father. My warden and king that was Ian. I was not him.

    “My name is Shiki.” I answered and he sighed.

    “This is what I’m talking about.” He stood up and yelled. “You’re a fucking head case. I’ve known you for all of three days and you’ve been about twelve different people in that time. Stay away from my sister.”

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