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   I opened my eyes and saw that I was still in the room. My body felt weighed down and I was sure that it was because of the drugs that they had given Day-Ian. My hands were cuffed to the bed again witch meant that sometime when I was still Day-Ian they shackled me down again. I could feel the drug inside of me. I could feel it like worms under my skin. It was in my head opening doors and going in rooms that was better left alone. Had it been day I could have ended this. But it was my turn to control the body and I would be damned if I ever gave any of that control over to Day-Ian. I pulled against the restraints but it was no use my arms and legs were tied down. Tied down I hated being tied down. I hated not being in control of my body. Everything was so hard. Everything was so dark.

            I was young again. I was the four year old Ian again. The whole and happy Ian. Standing in front of our house. Our new house I remember. We had only just moved here. I would have my own room. Mommy said that I could pick what room I wanted because after all I was her baby boy. I was her angel. My new baby sister was fussing so mother had to see what was wrong with her. My order brother gave me a light shove as he ran pass me in the house. I laughed and followed. I laughed Ian laughed I can’t remember the last time that I laughed. I can’t remember the last time that I was happy.

            It was later in the day Billy, Kennedy, and I were in the front yard. We were playing when two boys walk over to us. They both were at least seven. They both had black hair that was to their shoulders. They both had light brown eyes. They were pale, they were sickly. The ball that we had rolled over to them and one of them picked it up.

            “Give us our ball.” Billy told them and they walked over to us. The one that picked up the ball held it out only he was holding it out to me. He was only looking at Ian. I took the ball from him and he gave me this creepy smile. I remember thinking he’s weird. I remember thinking I don’t like him much.

            “Thanks.” I said holding the ball to my chest.

            “I’m Yoru and this is my brother Yuri.” He said and Billy took the ball from me.

            “Want to play with us?” Billy asked and the two boys nodded as we ran around playing with us. I saw how Yoru watched me. Something inside of me took notice of that. Something inside of me didn’t like it at all.

            I opened my eyes again to see that I was still in the room still chained to the bed. Was that a dream? It was a memory. The first time that I meant Yoru. Why was this coming back now? I shut the door so why was he bringing this up. I searched mind for Day-Ian and found him in his corner safe and sound and asleep. He needed rest. We all needed rest but I found that we only got it when we weren’t in control of the body. I wondered how long it could last. Taking these short naps was fine but everyone needed sleep. Everyone needed rest. I walked the halls of my mind touching this door peeking in that one making sure everything was in order. I needed order. What good was anything in life if you were just going to live in chaos? I walked to the red door and looked at it.

            “You know why I lock this door.” I whispered to the thing that lives behind it. “You know why I can never allow you to leave.” There were whispers inside of head. It was trying to talk to me. But I wasn’t Day-Ian I wasn’t going to let it control me. He was so strong. Just one whisper and even Day-Ian was willing to kill for him. But I stopped it. I should have ended the doctor’s life when I had the chance. That way I could have saved them both. Day-Ian would keep his innocence and the door would have had its blood. But in the end I failed.

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