FMS (?) 4

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    I felt like was drowning. In a sea of darkness I was dying. I didn’t know where I was. Fuck it I didn’t know who I was. My mind was in shadows. Surrounded by demons. My demons all bared the same face. They all shared my face our face. There were so many of them. This one is named that and that one is named this.

            I felt like I was in pit. That I was in the deepest and darkest of all pits. I’ve been climbing for days or maybe it was hours. Probably it was years. And my hands were bloody and my eyes were burning. My body was weary. My throat was raw. I had been yelling. I had been begging for help.

            I could see the top though. I could see the light at the end out the tunnel. So happy I rushed my last few steps. I rushed it tripping while doing so. I didn’t care though. Why should I care if I was in the light once again?

            My eyes opened but my version was blurry. The harsh midday light burned. Someone was standing in front of me. I was on the ground. I was one my knees and someone else was there with me.

            “Did he hit you man?” the voice asked. “Hey dude, are you okay or not?” I tried to move my mouth. I tried to make words come out. It had been so long since I spoke words. So very long since I needed them. I reached out grabbing the person the guy. I’m sure that it was a boy. I grabbed his pant leg.

            I could feel him kneeling down in front of me. I could feel him bring himself down to my level. Maybe to hear my words. Maybe to bring me comfort. Maybe just because he had nothing better to do. But he lowered himself for me.

            “Help me.” I whispered out.

            “I’m calling the cops.” He said and removed my hand from his leg walking away from me some. I let out a sigh. I needed help. But I wasn’t sure if the cops could give me the kind that I seek.

            “You’re a naughty boy.” A voice said and I turned around and I was back in the mind and I was standing at the mouth of the pit once again. I looked at him the one called King stood in front of me. This demon might be the worst of them all. He had no conscience. He possessed no soul.

            “What do you want?” I asked.

            “King wants the same thing that King has always wanted. For you to stay where King left you.”

            “I am not a child. You can’t lock me away. I told you so long ago. I would never give up. I will fight until I’m the only one left.”

            “And there’s the problem. All the Ian’s wants the body now. King can’t have you running around fucking with King’s plans. “

            “You think you’re going to get away with it.” I said and I laughed a one note humorless laugh. “I will destroy you and this body if needs be.” I threatened him no I promised him I would kill this body if it meant that King wouldn’t have it either.

            “King knows that. It’s one of the reason King won’t allow you to be free.” He told me as he pushed me. At first it seemed as if nothing was going to happen. Then I went falling. Back down into the pit. Back down into that endless darkness. Even knowing that even knowing that was where I was going and I would have to try so much harder and I would have to work so much faster I laughed.

            I knew what I needed to do know. I knew what I wanted more than anything else in this world. I was going to get out. I was going to get free. And I was going to slaughter every Ian in this body including myself. Death shall be our release.

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