(NIGHT) 23

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  I roamed the streets because I didn’t have any place that I wanted to go I just had a place I didn’t want to be. I started to feel the heaviness in me but it wasn’t the same as when Evian was trying to take the body from me. And it wasn’t the same as when I tried to take it from Dian. It was like that feeling you get in you stay in the pool or the tub to long and then stand up and your body feels like it weighs a ton.

            I sat down on the curb trying to regain control of myself. So this was happening. The past was repeating itself. The events of six years ago are going to play out again. I closed my eyes and was in the mind. I was in the right side of the brain. The darkness was getting thicker over here. Hanging in the air like a fog. Pulling at me as I pushed my way through so that I could stand in front of the black door.

            I sucked my teeth when I saw the body lying out in front of the door. Jinx lied slaughtered in front of it. His blood slashed on the chains around the door painting them red. His body was in pieces all chopped up as if someone with a chainsaw went all Friday the 13th on him or something. His head was set up and placed in front of the door the look of fear and pain forever frozen on it.

            “Sick right.” A voice said and I turned around to see Evian behind me.

            “You should be watching Dian.” I told him turning back to look at the body of Jinx.

            “Seem like he betrayed us both and was rewarded greatly for it. The question is did the door itself do this to him or did something else?” he said and I reached out to touch the door. But Evian grabbed my hand. I knew that he stopped me because he was remembering his own pain that he felt because of the door but I was surprised that he cared enough to not want me to feel that pain either. “That door.” He said shaking his head. “After I touched it I got all fucked up in the head just like Dian.”

            “You should get back to Dian.” I said and he was still frowning at the door.

            “What do you think is behind it?” he asked me.

            “I don’t know.”

            “Take a guess. If you had to guess what is behind it?” he said and I looked from him to the door.

            “Everything evil in this world.” I answered.

            “Don’t you think that’s a bit overdramatic?” Evian laughed at me and I sighed because he was the one that wanted to know what I thought was behind the door in the first place. I knew that everything evil wasn’t behind it. After all Evian and I was out on this side of the door but that didn’t mean that bad news weren’t on the other side of it.

            “I hate this side.” I said and Evian laughed.

            “It’s because you have no power over here. Even though you are in charge you don’t rule over the right side of the brain. You don’t belong on this side of the brain. Dian didn’t belong on this side of the brain and it drove him mad.”

            “I’m not Dian.”

            “But you can feel it can’t you. A strong sense of get the fuck out. As if this side of the brain is repelling you.” I frowned because Evian was dead on. I felt unwanted and unwelcomed every time I came over here it was one of the reasons why I never came over here. But at the same time I needed take control. This side was tainted and without a master the dark would grow and it would come to my side. Six years ago would repeat itself all over again.

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