(NIGHT) 14

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  “Give me the body now.” I yelled at Day-Ian as I took control of the body pushing him out of my way while doing so. Everything was fuzzy for a moment and then I felt the pain from our wounded hand. My vision swim in focus and I saw Mischa still standing in front of us. “My bad for getting blood on you.”  I said and then I used the sleeve of my shirt to wipe away the blood that Evian left on her check. I knew that he was going to go for Day-Ian. He was the weaker of the two of us. If I was Evian I would have went for Day-Ian as well. He was his best shot to ever open the door.

            The door how was he even coming out to do these things? The Door was shut tight so how did he get the strength to control Day-Ian. How had he done anything that he has so far? Unless….

            “Ian.” Mischa called my name and I blinked coming out of my thoughts and looking down at her. “We need to get your wound clean before it gets infected.” She said and took the uninjured hand and led me to the bathroom that Day-Ian had just come from. She looked at the mirror but then ignored the fact that it had to be me that punched it. That it had to be my blood that was smeared on the glass.

            She just opened the medicine cabinet and took out some rubbing alcohol and bandages. I watched her as she first ran the cold water on my wound and then she poured the alcohol over it and I flinched when it started to sting a bit.

            “Don’t be a baby Nian.” She said and I frowned at the name she just called me.

            “What did you say?” I asked and she giggled a bit.

            “Night-Ian Nian it’s the same thing. Beside you aren’t the same Ian that I was just talking to. I can tell you don’t talk the same and your eyes are different as well. Rather the look in your eyes is. The other Ian looked pained you just look cold and determined.” She patted my hand dry with a towel and then started to wrap the bandages around them.

            “Can I ask you something Mischa?” I asked her once she was done. She released my hand and gave me a smile.

            “Do I have to answer?” she asked me and I rolled my eyes.

            “It would be nice. Mischa why are you okay with this? With the blood with me? I told you I was crazy so why are you okay with that?”

            “Maybe sanity is overrated. Maybe I’m crazy.”

            “Are you?” I asked.

            “Maybe it’s just you. Maybe I know that if it’s you then its fine.” She said. “Maybe you just remind me of someone that I knew when I was younger. My dad is a doctor so blood doesn’t get to me he’s been grooming me to be once since I was a baby.” She said. “Beside what fun would it be if you were just like everyone else?”

            “Malikai said that you don’t give guys the time of day. What makes me so special?”

            “My little secret.” She said. “How is your hand?”

            “My parents are going to freak but then again I’m not even home yet so of course they are freaking. Day-Ian left after acting all weird and now I’m not home yet. Father probably has the police out looking for me now.”

            “You’re welcome to stay here and hide.”

            “Thanks but hiding just isn’t my style. How are you going to invite me in someone else home anyway?”

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