(NIGHT) 10

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  October thirty-first all hollows eve, also known as Halloween, best known as Ian’s birthday. My birthday was the only day that I didn’t hate this family. Maybe it was also the only day that this family didn’t hate me. There was always a big deal made out of this day. Some grand party to be thrown costumes to be worn. I’ve always had epic costumes to wear on this day. But this year I’ve decided to be the scariest monster of them all. I decided to be Ian.

            The party was already in full swing. My house jam packed with teens that I hardly knew and surely didn’t like. There were so many monsters around I felt as if I was the only one normal here. Or maybe I just felt as if at last I fix in. I loved Halloween not because it was my birthday. It being my birthday was a reason to hate this day. I loved it because it was the one day of the year everyone let their guard down. And yet it was the one day that everyone had a mask on.

            I pushed my way through the crowd a few people that I past patting me on the back wishing me a happy birthday. I didn’t care about them. I spotted who I was looking for. My evil angel dressed in a short black dress with black wings on her back. Mischa was more beautiful then I remembered. It felt like ages since I was me and I saw her. When I was in control of the body and only I had it. I watched her for a moment as she danced with some of her friends.

            I didn’t even know what to say to her. I knew that she spoke to the other Ian’s but they weren’t me. The last words I utter to Mischa weren’t kind ones. They were mean and hurtful and I don’t know if she would forgive me. I didn’t know if I forgave me. I hurt her. It was one of the things that I never wanted to do. I never wanted to hurt Mischa.

            “Long time no see.” A voice said and I turned around and to see Malikai standing beside me. He passed me a cup and I could smell the alcohol that was inside of it. He took a sip from his own cup and I just held on to mines. He was dressed as a vampire. Not the good old fashion vampire the new shine in the sun vampire, can’t drink blood, I’m in love with a human vampire. I sighed as I looked over at him. I really didn’t want to talk to him. I thought Dian got rid of him. “So what have you been up too?”

            “I’m at war with myself.  My family is more fucked up then I am. And the only person that I actually love in this world just might hate me. So yeah it’s just another day in the life of Ian Robertson.” I snapped and he rolled his eyes.

            “Do you have to be such a dick?” Malikai asked and I frowned when I saw some guy walk over to Mischa and start to dance with her. My lip pulled back in a sneer. I knew I have no say in who she dances with but that didn’t mean that I had to like it.

            “Who is he?” I hissed and Malikai looked at me and then followed my eyes to the boy. Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, maybe my height, probably my built, my age I knew this boy. I didn’t know his name but I knew him. I saw him. Not me but through the eyes of another Ian I had seen him. He was the one that was in the alley that day. He was the one that stopped Yuri from beating Dian or maybe it would have been Dian that beat Yuri.

            “His name is Bijan.” Malikai said “I’m not really sure the details but he and Mischa have always been close. You should really know who your girlfriend friends are.” Malikai said and that just earned him a glare from me. I didn’t have time for that idiot. I raised the cup that he had given me to my lips drinking it all at once. The alcohol burned as it went down and all at once I felt dizzy and off balance. It was the first time that I ever had a drink and I guess they was the effects of begin drunk.  “Don’t do anything stupid.” Malikai said but I walked past him already going over to where my angel and Bijan were at. I came up behind Mischa and wrapped my arm around her whist. She turned around quickly but then her face softened when she saw me.

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