(EVIL) 26

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  Nian was pissing me off keep bossing me around like he owned someone. Like he did something. It wasn’t like I was all me when I killed Maya. It wasn’t like I was the only one controlling the body at that moment. Where was the other Ian that caused this so that he could take his share of cleaning as well?

            I went back home and all was dark in the house and all was still so I went up to my parents room. I laughed when I noticed that their doors were locked now. They couldn’t cage me in so they locked themselves away. As if I was the worst monster in this house. I picked the lock to the door and walked in the room. Mother was passed out a bottle spilling over on the floor from when her hand must have released it at last. And father curled up on his side of the bed as if the thought of touching the woman that he married sicken him.

            I went over to his side of the bed because after all he was the one that I needed at the moment. Palms needed to be greased and evidences needed to wash away. My blood was in that factory from the game that I played with Maya. And I knew that yes I would probably only go to the nut house but to me. To us to Ian going back to that place was worst then any prison that could put me in. Give me bars over a padded cell and a locked door any day.

            In prison there were many things to do. You had to watch your own back all the time and so there was never a dull moment. But in the hospital you were left alone with your thoughts. There are times when a man’s thoughts are his worst enemies. Even when they give you their drugs it just makes everything clearer.

            Then again what did I know about the hospital. I was already locked away behind the red door when we were put in that place. Nian had already betrayed me and was starting to kill off the others when we were ‘being cured’ as they called it. So much for a cure when here it was six years later and the same thing was happening again. But then again I never believed that we were cured.

            If the doctors had cured Ian then there would only be Ian left inside of us. And yet here I was. There was Nian and Dian and who know what other ones of us left as well. So they didn’t cure us. The put a coat of paint over the crack, they put lipstick on the pig. That would have been fine for some people. The only problem is when the paint peals and the lipstick fades the crack is still there and the ugly thing you tried to make pretty. Well it’s still a pig.

            I reached out and slapped my father’s arm making him jump up and look at me. His eyes held fear and I understood why. He didn’t know what I was here for. The bloody clothes should have given it away but my father wasn’t the brightest bulb in the fixture.

            “Wake up.” I told him and he rubbed at his eyes and sat up. “We have a problem.”

            “What have you done?” he asked me and I smiled because maybe he was smarter than I thought. Then again I’m sure he knew this would be the only time that I come to him. When I’ve done something or any Ian had done something that we needed to go away this was the only time we asked the old man for his help. That wasn’t really our fault though. This was the only thing that he was good at.

            “I killed Maya Young.” I answered and I saw his eyes looking around darting around really trying to remember Maya and then he sighed.

            “You had better hope Maya is the crazy one.” He said and I smiled because I didn’t need to hope for it I knew that Maya was the crazy one. I smiled again because I wonder if this was going to come between Mischa and Nian. In a way he was the one that killed her sister. At least his body killed her sister. What kind of monster was Mischa if she would love a man that killed her own flesh and blood?

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