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  I walked the halls with Dian. Nian asked us to find the new Ian. I didn’t really feel like it though. I would much rather find an Ian I already knew. I would much rather find Ducky and kill him for locking me away in that room. Then when I was done with the baby I would find Hades cause we had unfinished business to handle from six years ago.

            I paused in my steps and Dian stopped and looked back at me. He spent time in my safe room and it made him into a new person. It turned him into a new Dian. I’m not sure if I liked this one though. Now that he knew what his purpose was in this body he thought he was high and mighty or something. Even if I was on their side for now I will never forget what Dian and Nian did to me six years ago. In this war I only have myself.

            Nian should just be happy I hate Dark much more then I hate him. Telling people to call him King as if he earned that title. As if I would ever utter that word to him. Dark was no king of mines. Only the true Ian could rule over me.

            “What are you doing?” Dian asked me and I sneered at his new tone. I wanted to bleed the arrogance out of him. What happened to the little pussy Dian that quivered at the sight of me? I miss him. I could do without the cocky prick that stood in front of me.

            “I’m going to look on my own.” I said and turned on my heels so that I could walk away.

            “Nian said look together.” Dian called after me.

            “Good thing I don’t listen to Nian.” I said and with a waved walked away. Nian and Dark were the same. Why would I choice a side when neither of them claimed me. They bitch about the way True-Ian treated them but what about me. True-Ian told me my purpose and then he never spoke to me again. Of all of us I believe that I hate him the most. True-Ian wasn’t a friend or a father to me like he was to the others. He was only my god. My maker. And in the end he was my damnation. To make me for such a reason. He must have hated me before he even knew me.

            I opened my eyes and saw that we were still in the hospital room. Mischa was awake now looking at me. Looking at Ian. Maybe even hoping that it would be Nian that took control of the body. Maya was dead because of me. Because through me Dark killed her. I liked Maya. Not loved her not in the way that Nian loves Mischa. He and Dian might be the only Ian’s able to love. But I liked Maya. I liked the games that we played.

            “Hey.” Mischa said and I could still feel the soreness from the body.

            “What happened to me?” I asked and she sighed.

            “A boy saw you were about to fight Yuri in an alley. He said after Yuri left you collapsed. He called for help and you’ve been here for a week.” She said and I sighed. Time worked so differently in the mind. What seem like only hours in the brain was days out here in the body. We had just been lying there in a bed dead to the world for a week. I shivered at the thought. I hated hospitals. Not just the nut hospitals all of them. Bad things happened in these kinds of places. “So what Ian are you?” she asked me and I only looked at her. “Evian.” She guessed and smiled when she knew she was right. I hated that she knew us so well.

            “Why are you here? Nian told you he wanted nothing to do with you.” I answered walking towards the door.

            “You can’t just leave you haven’t been checked out.” She yelled and I just rolled my eyes. I was getting out of here. I was getting out of here before memories came back. That damn darkness in the red room. It taught me things that I wish I could unlearn. I didn’t know how Nian could stand it. To listen to all of those secrets and not go mad. Maybe I was just weak. Maybe it was why True-Ian had no time for me. Maybe it was because I was just a vessel. I was just a storage room. My purpose in life was to bottle it all up. To take in all of our pain and hold it inside of me. And they wonder why I’m the evil one. And I wondered why I was unwanted and unneeded on both sides. Who would want pain?

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