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   “Ian” someone called and I opened my eyes and I wasn’t chained to the bed anymore. Someone had to have come in here while I was sleep and unlocked me. “Ian breakfast.” It was Nakita that was calling me but I could have sworn she said breakfast. Breakfast would mean that it was day time. Day time would mean that I shouldn’t be in control of the body right now. Where was Day-Ian? I did a quick search and found Day-Ian right where I left him. In his corner fast asleep. What did this mean? Was I getting stronger? I was getting so strong that I could control the body in the day time as well. Or was Day-Ian getting weak. Was he so weak that he allowed me to have his turn as well? I could understand if he was too tired to have control.

            I tried to sit up but I felt so heavy. The body was so heavy like a weight was lying on top of me. Weighing me down all this time. I felt this feeling before. I knew this feeling. It was the same as when I took control over the body at the same time that Day-Ian had control. But Day-Ian was sleep right now. So who was with me?

            “Ian!” Nakita called me again then the door opened. “Didn’t you hear me calling.” She said her hands on her hip as she stood in the doorway.

            “I didn’t hear you little sister.” Those won’t my words. So then what was this? A private show for me. Was this what was going on doing those times that I blacked out.

            “Little sister since when do you call me that.” She asked and I only smiled. I should say the body smiled.  “Hurry up and get ready today is family day.” She said and walked out the room. Once I was ready I went downstairs.  The others were in the dining room already waiting for me to join them. I sat down in my seat looking around the table. Of course they all had their fake smiles pasted on their faces. Even my mother was smiling at me because after all she had nothing to fear if I was Day-Ian. The only problem was at the moment I’m not even sure I was Night-Ian either.

            “You’re looking well rested.” Father said and I turned my head so that I could look at him. Something else that I would never do I would have only cut my eyes at him. Something else Day-Ian wouldn’t have done either. He would have just looked down at his plate and nodded. Always being humble. Always playing at the good son.

            “I feel great Father.” I answered and licked my lips as food was placed in front of all of us. This was a bad idea. Having family day today was a bad idea. I admit I want to kill most of the people at this table but not like this. I wanted to enjoy it alone but at the moment I wasn’t alone. The feeling of breathing heavy was overwhelming. I was drowning. I should have released control but pride wouldn’t let me. I wasn’t weak and letting go would mean that I was giving up. I would never give up.

            “Seem like someone happy pills are working.” Billy said and I turned my head so that I was looking at him next. I don’t know what he saw in my eyes but he frowned. He could have just seen me looking through. He could have frowned just because it was no big secret that Billy didn’t like me. That he didn’t like Ian.

            “You are so funny brother.” I said and Billy frown deepen.

            “I think he might still be high.” Billy said and I only smiled again. There was whispering in my head and I wondered if the whispering was my thoughts of not. I couldn’t make sense of any of them. There was no reasoning behind the whispers. I caught a few key words. Death, blood, mayhem, kill. Yes kill was said a lot. Kill them all was whispered throughout my brain. I looked down at the food in front of me and saw the knife on the table. Good old mom just had to put out all the silver ware for every meal. I ran my hand along the handle and then up the blade. There was something about knives that has always made me feel so…alive.

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