D.E.A.T.H Series

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L.I.E.S Book #1 in the D.E.A.T.H Series

Love is...complex.

It's waking in the morning and falling asleep at night with a single person on your mind. They occupy the space in your head from dusk till dawn and you wonder, 'are they thinking about me as well?'

Love is...obsessive.

It's a feeling that often times is reciprocated by the other person. It's the knowledge that you belong to them and they belong to you. When you love someone, you give yourself over to that person fully. Everything about your being becomes theirs. Your heart, your mind, your very soul is consumed by them. You promise to take care of them, answer to their ever need and whim. You are at their beck and call. You become their...follower. Or maybe the more appropriate word is stalker.

But...what do you do when the one you love betrays you? Do you cry, and beg them not to leave you? Do you try to make them understand love is not temporary? Do you tell them not to be so cruel? No. You make them understand lies won't be tolerated. You make them see it's till death does you part.

And you'd never share.

M.A.D Book #2 in the D.E.A.T.H Series

Desire is...all consuming.

When you see something, someone you like you want that person, that thing. You stop at nothing to get it. Seeking it full, body, heart, and mind. You can't stop until it is yours. Hold it in your arms treasure it forever and ever. No one, nothing can take it from you. You whisper to your item 'you are mine, and I am your.'

Desire is...need.

You need, you want, you will have. When there is something that we seek as humans we go to get it. We pull out all the stops. Yelling to the world. 'Look at me!' Get the attention, the money, whatever means is needed to possess this desired thing. Yes, posses because in the end we all want to possess each other. We all want to own the things we love. If we possess something it is our. No one can take them. Pry them from your cold dead fingers. How far would you go to take what you want? How far is too far?

As for all things someone else will come. Someone will try and take what is yours. If you desire something there will always be another that desire it as well. So what to do when this aggressor come for your most beloved thing. Back away and hand it over? Beg them not to steal from you? Or do you protect your possession? Do you set fire to them all?

Desires must be earned through absolute determination.

D.I.E.S Book #3 in the D.E.A.T.H Series

Revenge is...powerful.

The moment you get the idea to take revenge it becomes the all driving force behind your actions. It doesn't matter what stands in your way. Who you have to go through. Like a steam-powered engine, you keep going until you reach the end of the line. The only thought in your head 'it's not over until they all are dead.'

Revenge is...dangerous

You take the risk of being overtaken by your need for it. You slowly forget about your family. Love...ha...what's that? When you want revenge you can't do it half-heartedly. You have to be ready to lay your life down for the cause. The friend you lost must be the only thing that drive you. No distractions.

As you check off the names on your ever growing list don't take the time to wash the blood off your hand. As you dive deeper into the madness prepare for anything? What if a friend name is on that list? What if people you loved was involved? How far are you willing to go? Would you ignore the name of your family? Would you comfort the betrayer and beg for answers? Would you stop there, enough blood been spilled? Or would you damn them all in the name of revenge?

There is desperation in endless struggles.

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