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  It was so empty without Evian. Since Nian gave up control of the body he’s been in his safe room. And I was alone out here waiting for my turn in the body. Waiting for something anything to happen to move me. But Evian was dead. We had our ups and downs. Evian has always been a loner. He was always hard to get alone with. But coming to the end he was a good guy. Coming to the end he was letting all of his walls down.

            Evian death was painful. Not just because he bottled the pain from the body but because he was someone that was loved. He was someone that is missed. Shiki tore a hole in us. In all of us by killing Evian. It was so unfair that it had to be him that was gone. Loki, or Hades, or King they were much better choices. I never thought that I would miss Evian if he was gone but there was this sadness inside of me that I had never known before.

            It made me recall a time when True-Ian was here and I was sad. He came in my safe room. And he sat with me while I cried. Why was I crying? I think one of the old Ian died. The balance was off. It always felt like a knife to the heart when we lost an Ian. When they rocked the already fragile balance that holds us together. I felt broken inside. I felt shattered that time. It was much like I feel now minus the pain that overflowed.

            “You’re not like the others Jude.” True-Ian told me. “You’re not as hard as the others. You’re connected to this body a bit more than most. You can feel when the body is uneven when chaos is winning over because you are our balance.”

            “So then I’m always going to feel this way.” I asked him through sobs.

            “Wounds heal you know. Some take longer than others but all wounds heal.”

            “How long will this take to heal?” I asked him.

            “As long as it needs.” He answered and kissed the top of my head.

            I opened my eyes as was sitting at a table with a boy I didn’t know across from me. I looked around and saw that there was Mischa and some other girl there as well. None of them looked the same and yet at the same time you could tell that they all were brother and sister. I licked my lips because this was starting to feel like Loki abandoned the body to me in the middle of an interrogation. All that was missing was the bright light in my face.

            “Logan!” a voice yelled from the upper levels of the house and he looked towards the stairs.

            “WHAT!” he called back tapping his fingers on the table.

            “Logan!” it called again and he pointed a threatening finger at me.

            “Don’t think for a moment that we are done. I haven’t even begun yet Ian Robertson.” He said and stood and walked away. My eyes went to the other girl what did she tell Loki her name was.

            “Don’t worry about him he’s just a dick.” Asa said and I frowned and stood up. My eyes found Mischa and she was just watching with a carefree look on her face. She was going to let her brother do what. Question me until I cracked. Beat my face in maybe. Just mock me until I couldn’t take anymore and snapped. “Loki…” Asa started and I pulled my eyes away from Mischa so that I could look at her.

            “Don’t call me that.” I hissed at her and then frowned when I noticed that she was barely dressed. What kind of house had I been brought to? Looking at Asa made the latest annoying Ian to show up push against me in order to free himself. But I pushed back even harder backing away from Asa and closing my eyes so that I couldn’t see her.

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