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  I sat in my room in a chair facing the balcony looking out at a world that I wasn’t allowed to join. They had dinner early tonight and as soon as it was over father gave Day-Ian his pills and walked him to his room. Then he tightly locked the door behind himself. I frowned as I thought about the door. Who had locked it? I was losing time. I know I killed that dog but coming to the end I couldn’t see myself killing it I could only feel it. I could only feel myself killing him. It was because that idiot Day-Ian cracked opened the door. I rubbed my temples feeling a headache coming on. I had done something today that I never done before. I had control over the body at the same time as Day-Ian. But it left me drained and depressed. I felt as if the whole time I was being sucked into him or he was being sucked into me. The weight of him was crushing me. I stood walking over to the balcony and pushing back the heavy curtains so that I could look out. There was a beautiful full moon out tonight.

            I saw movement outside in the front yard. Seamus and Billy were running across the front yard looking back every now and then to see if anyone was watching them. But I was watching them. This was my chance when I think about it. Killing Seamus and Billy while they are away from the house. While they are away from the family. People in the world die every day. A mugging gone wrong or just someone that didn’t like them. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I walked over to my closet going to the back so that I could get out the perfect tool for the job. I grabbed some rope that I had back there since I was on the second floor I couldn’t just jump off the balcony. Well I could but I would probably break my legs. And my favorite toy that no one knew I had. That I was saving for a moment like this my pocket knife was just what I needed. I pulled on a hoodie and put the knife in the pocket. I opened up the doors to the balcony. My father didn’t lock these doors because he didn’t think that I would ever jump off of here.

            I guess he never countered on me buying rope and leaving this room. That’s why the smarter thing for them to have done would have been giving Aunt May and Uncle Joe my room and leaving me in the basement. Once I was locked in the basement I had no way of getting out of it. Up here there were so many possibilities. I tied one end of my rope to the rail of my balcony tested the strength as I pulled on it. Once I was sure that it wasn’t going to snap on me I climbed over the rail and then down the rope. I looked around trying to see where Billy and Seamus had gone to but then I spotted them again getting walking down the street about a block in a half in front of me. I pulled my hood up so that the shadows and the night hide my face from them and anyone else that happened to be looking on.

            I wondered where they were going. I wondered when Billy and Seamus became so close. Billy couldn’t stand Seamus same as me. Maybe they were bounding over a common enemy. Enemy of my enemy is friend and I’m sure I was public enemy number one. I smiled though because it was funny that they would band together over me. I felt honored as if I had just brought two enemy kingdoms together just by begin the worst of the three. They walked as if they had purpose as if they were on a mission. And the way that they kept looking back I knew that whatever they were up to wouldn’t be approved by our parents. By Seamus’s parents either. I reached my hand in my hoodie’s pocket feeling the knife that I had inside. My heart gave a start knowing what it meant when we held such dangerous things in our hand. But the sour taste wasn’t even in my mouth today. It was satisfied and in turn so was I. I didn’t need to kill tonight but I couldn’t walk away from this. Billy and Seamus have fallen in my lap and I couldn’t let them get away. They went to the bus stop and waited so I hide within the crowd of others so they wouldn’t notice me.

            They must have been too busy with whatever they were up to because once the bus came they still didn’t notice me as I walked passed them. I sat in the back far enough so they wouldn’t notice me but close enough so that I could still keep my eye on them. The last thing I wanted to do was lose them. No the last thing I wanted was for them to see me out of the house and live long enough to tell my father that I had left it. That would be bad for me if father knew. He would lock me away and never let me out. Day or night-self. They got off this bus and transferred over to another and I had a good idea where they were going now. At least I knew the area that they were going to. The same area that Day-Ian lets to hang out in.

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