(NIGHT) 27

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  Dian was behind the door. Darkness was filling the brain and I was lost. I hated to admit it but I had no clue what to do at the moment. What could I do? I didn’t know how to stop this six years ago and I didn’t know how to stop it now either. I sat in the kitchen alone since no one else in the house wanted to have breakfast with me. I didn’t care I needed to be alone with my thoughts. I wanted to be alone with them.

            I needed to think of how I was going to get Dian from behind the door. I needed to think if there was a way to ever get Dian back. But Evian had said that he saw Ducky. And that damn bunny he likes keeps showing up here and there so there had to be a way in and a way out. And I needed to find that without opening the door of course.

            There was no way that I was going to let the door opened. I cut my eyes over at the door when I heard someone come in the kitchen with me. Nakita looked over at me then cast her eyes to the floor as she walked over to the fridge to get something out of it. All the time that she was making her breakfast she made sure that she didn’t look at me. I was disappointed in her. Nakita was once one of the people that I held to the highest standard and now that I was breaking she turned her back on me just like the others.

            “Morning.” I said and she looked at me at last.

            “Good morning.” She said back.

            “Sit down.” I told her and she looked around as if she was scared to sit with me. Me the brother that she had loved just weeks ago now she was scared of me. Now she hated me. Had they turned her against me that much? Did they plant ideas in her head? Maybe they just reminded her of what I did six years ago. Maybe they told her that I was breaking. That if she stayed close to me she would end up like the children that was in my class.

            It hurt though. To know that the sister that once worshiped me couldn’t even eat breakfast with me now. Would treat me as if I was the plague or something. I thought so much more of Nakita. I would have never thought in a million years that she would have turned against me. If anyone would have said that Nakita my little sister. My Nakita would turn her back on me. Would treat me the way that she had I would have never believed them. She was one of the few people in this family I didn’t want to kill.

            How quickly we change though. Now I wouldn’t care if she made it through the night. I wouldn’t give a flying fuck if she lived or died.

            “Is there something that you want?” she asked me sitting down like I told her to. My eyes rolled in the top of my head. I could feel the change coming. I could feel the heaviness fall over my body. Was it Evian? No it was something else. It was someone else. I felt equal to this person. I felt as if I was neck to neck with them. But at the same time I didn’t feel as if they wanted to control the body. They wanted to share it. Was this what Evian was talking about? Was this what he felt the night that he killed Maya?

            “I want to talk.” I said but the words felt funny. My mind felt clouded. My thoughts were fogged. I needed to break free of it but at the same time I didn’t feel as if there was something to break free from. I was me but I was so heavy that meant that I wasn’t only me. “Nian needs to speak to you.” I said and I knew that those weren’t my words.

            “What is it?” she asked me and I looked at her and frowned because I couldn’t get a thought in my head. I couldn’t think of what it was that I wanted to say.

            “You have betrayed Nian.” I spoke but that’s not what I wanted to say to her. So what was it? What were my thoughts about my sister? My thoughts. That was the thing I couldn’t tell what ones were mines and what one was someone else.

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