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  Poor little Nian. Always thinking that someone has to do what he wants because he was left in charge of the body. Because the son of bitch True-Ian thought that Nian was the best one of us to protect the body. But I had plans as well. He trusted Jinx because as a lesser begin in this mind it is Jinx’s swore duty to do as the highest Ian tells him. Of course Jinx and I had been locked away in the same room for six years together. Of course he liked me better than Nian. I didn’t keep him locked away after all.

            I laughed to myself because I knew that Nian must have been going mad by now. Thinking that his sweet little Mischa was the one that hurt him. Thinking that I want her. As if I could want anything that pig headed idiot wanted. He could have Mischa she was to pure for my liking. It was Maya that I wanted. Oh the fun we had while Nian was lost in the dark. I had other plans as well. I roamed the darker side of the mind looking for one of the doors.

            I frowned when I saw Dian standing in front of the very door that I had been looking for. He was holding a stuff bunny in his hand as he looked at the door with a blank look on his face. The darkness was eating away at poor Dian. It had been days since he took the body. Now he kept wondering over to the darker side of the mind. If I cared enough I might have felt bad for him. He wasn’t made to deal with these kinds of things.

            I walked over standing in front of the huge black double doors with masses chains around them. This door was shut tighter than even the red door. It helped me know that I was in the right place. It helped me know that Nian feared what was behind here even more then what was behind the red door.

            “Nian isn’t the one that locked this door.” Dian said and I looked over at him because one he was still looking at the door and not at me. And two he wasn’t shivering with fear because of me. And last I looked over at him because I knew for a fact that I thought it and didn’t speak though words aloud. “You’re not a hard person to read Evian. You hate Nian because what he did six years ago. Every thought you have is about how you can hurt him. It was a nice touch getting Mischa’s sister to hurt him.” He said and I smiled.

            “I thought he told you not to come here.” I said looking at Dian whose eyes were still only on the door.

            “The whispers called me here. They tell me things that I don’t know. They speak words I don’t know. They plant ideas in my mind.” He said and I looked at the door again.

            “The whispers told you to open the door.”

            “I can’t open it.” He said and reached out to touch the door but stopped short. “Every time I go to touch it the door repels me. I think only True-Ian can open it. Or Nian since he is so close to True-Ian.” He spoke and hugged his stuff bunny tighter to himself. I frowned as I looked at the toy.

            “Don’t you think you’re too old to play with that?”

            “I hear so many voices in my head. I don’t know what one are mines anymore. I wonder if that’s how True-Ian felt. If he heard so many voices of all the Ian’s whispering in his mind crying to be freed. Begging to be let out. Every moment of every day not knowing if you are yourself or someone else. No wonder Ian went mad. No wonder he abandoned us all.”

            “Nian killed True-Ian.”

            “Or you did or I did or one of the other things in the mind did. Or True-Ian is just hiding behind one of the doors. Maybe even this door. Maybe that is why he locked it even tighter then the red door. So that he could stay safe and sound behind it forever and always.”

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