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  So then Nian wanted to be that way huh. He never listens to me. He never listens to anyone. And what was with what he said huh. As if I’m the one on my high horse. As if he wasn’t the one that thought that he was holier than thou. It just pissed me off that he spoke to me that way. It pissed me off that my angry boiled and bubbled now and yet in his face I was still. I was silent.

            I had gained control of the body and sat on the swing at a park. Going like this wasn’t good. It was six years ago again when ever Ian wanted his turn and the body never got any rest. But we all had something that he needed to do. We all wanted our shot at freedom. And when you are free well who wants to waste that one sleep. I thought about napping. Just as I once did so long ago.

            Those days felt like ages ago when it was just Nian and I in the body. When we had a false sense of control. The only danger that was given off was when Nian needed his blood to feed his door. Everything was so easy before the red door showed itself to me. Before Evian wanted out. Before King and the others decided to pop up again. And now look at us. Every day it seem as if a new Ian is showing up. Ready to take his turn. Ready to have his day in the light.

            “Ian.” A voice said and I turned to see Mischa walk over to me and sit in the swing next to me.

            “Go away.” I hissed at her. I didn’t feel like dealing with her. It felt like just moments ago her brother was staring me down and I was walking out on her. I never did make it home. Someone else took over before I could. Even still I knew that it had to have been at least a day. It was night already so of course it was a day and I was seeing her again.

            “Don’t be that way.” She said to me pouting a little.

            “Seriously Mischa piss off.” I told her and she just started gently rocking in the swing.

            “Gee I didn’t know Bitch-Ian was coming out today.” She said and I frowned when she called me a bitch. Who did this girl think she was? How dare she think that she can talk to me that way? I grinded my teeth stopping myself from saying anything to her. I didn’t know what I was going to say and I didn’t want to. I stood up from my swing and started walking away from him. “Oh come on Jude don’t be a pussy.” Mischa called and I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t hold back my anger as I turned around and rush over to her.

            I pulled her by her hair from the swing and slammed her on the ground as I sat over top of her. With one hand I kept a fist full of her hair while with the other I reached in my pocket and took out the pocket knife that was there. I held it to her throat but my hand shook. I wasn’t sure yet. I wasn’t sure if they were shaking with rage or fear. I was pissed. Damn right I was pissed. But Mischa was Nian’s girl and anyone that knew Vigil knew that he was not so forgiven when you touch his things. When you threaten what belonged to him.

            Mischa reached up and touched my hand that was holding the knife to her. He grabbed my hand and steadied the blade that was in it. I frowned because the look in her eye was just that of amusement.

            “Do you think I won’t hurt you?” I asked.   

            “I know for a fact that you down have it in you.” She said and I gave her hair a rough tug to prove to her if needed I had what it took to hurt her. That I wasn’t so weak little pussy like she thought I was.

            “Ah.” She cried out. “Oh yes Jude pull my hair I like it rough.” He was laughing at me. Not even holding it in but out right laughing at me. I pressed the blade deeper and made a small cut on her neck. I watched as the blood rolled down the side but that didn’t shut her up.

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