(NIGHT) 19

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   I jumped up and my arms were tied down. I was chained to a bed. My mind started to panic. I was heart was racing. I started to pull at the chains with all my might sending little jabs of pain through my side. Mischa. Her name was the only truth that I held in my head. Why? Why had she done this? Why did she stab me? Why did she drug me? Why the fuck did she chain me to a bed? I took a breath. I needed to be still. I needed to clear my mind. Think about this. Mischa stabbed me. Mischa drugged me. Mischa chained me to a bed. Why? I could think of a few reasons for the whole bed thing but I was sure they were wrong.

            “Ian.” A deep voice said and my mind whirled as I tried to think of who it was. It was male. It was older than me. I didn’t need this shit. Not now. Not right now I didn’t need this shit. “Ian.” It said again and I looked at the door to see that it was my father. My father. I looked around the room that I was in and saw that it was my room. Not even the apartment but my room. My true room. I was home again.

            How did I get home? I thought Mischa had me. I thought that I was going to be killed. Toyed with and killed by my angel but somehow I was home again. Nothing made since. Nothing was coming together.

            “Unchain me now.” I said and he walked over and unlocked the hand cuffs. “How did I get here?” I asked him and he was just looking at me. I could see his jaw set and his was clenching his fist. He wanted to hit me. I knew my father well enough to know that he wanted to punch my face in right now. But I hope he knew me well enough to know that I wasn’t Day-Ian right now. “How did I get here?!” I yelled this time to make sure that I was heard.

            “Seamus and Billy found you on the bus stop. You were passed out. What have you been doing boy? You do drugs now or something? You run away from the apartment and then you show up four days later on a bus stop.” He said and my eyes widen. Four days. I lost three days. I ran my fingers through my hair but it was to claim myself. I needed to think. I needed to make sense of everything that was happening.

            “Where have I been?” I asked but I wasn’t asking him. I knew that he had no idea where I was. Four days I had been gone. The day that I left the apartment, the day that Mischa attacked me, and two more days that was now a black hole in my mind. I felt like screaming, cursing, begging to be told what the fuck was going on. I felt like I just stepped into the twilight zone and since my life was never ending nightmare that was saying a lot.

            I reached up and touched my lips and frowned. She kissed me. It didn’t feel the same way though. It wasn’t the same way that I felt when I kissed Mischa. I didn’t feel happy inside and out. I didn’t feel as if she could have been my angel. I didn’t need more. It wasn’t like a drug. It didn’t stop the hunger. I looked up to see that my father had been talking. No he had been yelling.

            “….fucking been!” I got the last of his rant. I just looked at him not saying anything just looking. “That’s it isn’t it.” He said and I frowned because I had no idea what he was talking about. “You think you’re better than us.” He said and I smiled. I watched his hand twitched before he punched me in the face. My head went to the side and I stumble just a bit but didn’t fall. I reached up and touched my lip looking at the blood that was now on my finger. I licked my lips licking the blood away before my eyes fell on my father again.

            “More.” I whispered. “Come on old man hit me again I dare you.” I said and he backed away a bit. “I don’t normally care Dian can handle it. But I’m in a bad mood today.” I said and he frowned at me. My father was at least twice my size but I wasn’t worried. I had weapons and all he had was his fist. I wasn’t worried because even if he was bigger than me I knew for a fact that he fears me as well.

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