(Dark) 2

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  King pulled away from her. King pulled away from Nian’s girl. Away from Mischa when she kissed King. King was no fool. King knew Nian was sharing the body with him. King knows that she saw Nian through the eyes. That she was kissing him and not King. That she was freeing him and screwing over King. King knew these things.

            “What do you think you’re doing to King?” King yelled after pushing her away from him. She smiled at King and shrugged her shoulders.

            “Oh nothing.” She said and started to walk away but King could feel the red door opening and King could feel Nian come out. King grabbed her by the arm turning her around making her look at King. Her eyes were like daggers. Not showing fear but pure hatred for King. King wanted to take that from her. King wanted to make her know only fear when looking at King. When looking at all Ian’s.

            “You’re a clever little bitch aren’t you?” King said with a sneer but her dagger look didn’t fade as if she knew that she was safe. But she was wrong. Of course she was wrong. King wasn’t Nian. King had no problem hurting a girl. King had no problem hurting this girl.

            “Don’t touch me.” She hissed out and King pulled her closer so that King could grab her face and make her look in King’s eyes.

            “Kiss King again and King will cut out your tongue from your pretty little head.”

            “Nian would never allow that.” She said it as if it was fact. As if she and Nian had talked about this before and she knew for a fact that he wouldn’t allow harm to come to her. But King was king of this body. King was ruler of this domain. Ringmaster of this freak show and Nian was just a side act. Compared to King Nian was the bearded lady. And yet this girl looked at King as if her words were facts. King hated her eyes. King wanted to pluck them from her head.

            She pulled away from King and started to walk away without another word to King. Nian had trained her way King sees. King watched for a moment as she walked away from King and then turned to go home.

            Home now there were people that feared King in that house. A few changes have been made in the family since King killed Seamus and Kennedy killed herself. For one May took Lilly and they left never to be seen or heard from again. Actually they moved in with someone from her family but she and Joe aren’t together anymore. It was too bad too when they moved out. King liked looking at the permanent smile that Evian put on her face. It made King laugh at how weak of a woman she was. Billy moved out as well into the apartment that father use to use for Dian. Billy comes back at dinner time but that was the only time King got to see his big brother. Father and Joe doesn’t talk to each other anymore. Father hates Joe and blames Joe for Kennedy’s death. Joes hates father and blames father for Kennedy’s death. King thinks that they both are to blame. They lover and the abuser are at fault here.

            Then there was mother who drowns herself in booze every morning, noon, and night. King comes home at times to see her passed out on the couch while poor little Angel watches himself. Angel King’s angel. King’s little brother is the only one that King’s like. Maybe the only one in this family that like King. And Nakita she’s changed as well. Wearing all back now she cuts herself to feel something. But then in this family one must cause pain to feel anything at all.

            King came in the house to the normal scene mother on the couch, the bottle of rum spilling over one the floor. Angel playing with a box cutter that was left out on the table.

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