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  Upon my throne of pain I sat. In the stillest of all nights. In the blackest of all darks. The voices of the room whisper their secrets and their lies and their hopes, dreams, wills into my mind. I frowned when I felt someone on the other side of the door. Had King come to play at last? I smiled to myself calling him King would give him too much pleasure. I shall only use the name True-Ian gave me when it was only the three of us. When we all were young and new to this world.

            I rose from my chair and walked to the door. How silly of him to lock me away in my own safe room. His little guard isn’t stopping me. Just as he left the black door I will leave the red one. I pressed my forehead against the door so that I could hear.

            “King told you to guard Evian. Guard Evian King told you.” Hades and with his twisted way of speaking and his muttered voice from the mask.

            “Shut up” Loki’s voice answered. “I want to play with Nian I thought you said he would be awake by now. Come on out and play our ruler of the left brain.”

            “We have plans. Plans have we. Don’t do anything foolish. Foolish little Loki always do foolish little things.”

            “Foolish would be if I opened the door. You fear King too much. I think you’re the foolish one. Or have you forgotten six years ago. King wasn’t the one that we ran from Hades. King wasn’t the one that we feared.”

            “Fear Nian.” Hades mused over these words as if they didn’t sit right with him. I touched the door and I could feel it pulsing. I could hear it in my mind and I knew that they could as well.

            “So our dark god has awakened at last.” Loki said.

            “Tell King. King I tell.” He said and that’s what I wanted. For them to bring Krad to me. The best war is the one quickly won. First I get out then I free Dian and Evian. I was going to make Krad pay. I was going to make him wish he stayed behind the black door.

            “You tell King and I will kill you Hades.” Loki said. And I smiled. So soon they were breaking. Of course they were breaking look at who he had. Loki was only in it for fun and if you take his fun he would turn on you faster than Brutes. And Hades only have half a mind sure he’s good at killing but he’s not good at planning. He’s no good at controlling. And Ducky. Ducky is just a baby. A deadly baby yes but a baby all the same.

            “You point your blade at me. Me you point your blade at Loki.” Hades hissed and I knew Loki was smiling. Since Krad took over fighting Hades probably was the most fun he was going to have.

            “Do it Hades make me bleed.” He said.

            “Enough!” I smiled as I closed my eyes when I heard that voice. So his highness has graces us with his presence. I frowned when I felt his dirty hand touch the red door my door. No one touches my door. “Loki go to Evian make sure the door is still shut.”

            “It’s Sunday I’m going to go have my fun.” Loki told him and I could hear footsteps walking away.

            “He is awake. Awake he is.”  Hades told him.

            “King knows. Dian and Evian are calling out to him. They know their master is coming. King wants him out. Kings want to have fun.”

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