(NIGHT) 18

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  I woke up with a start and held still when I wasn’t where I thought I should be. Then I remembered that I wasn’t in the apartment or at home I was in Mischa’s house. I sat up rubbing my hand over my face. It was so rare for me to sleep. But I felt great. I felt better then great I felt rested and renewed. I turned to look beside me but the bed was empty. Mischa wasn’t beside me. I turned my head to look at the clock that she had on her nightstand and it said that it was nine at night. That seemed impossible since we didn’t even get here until after one in the morning.

            I had slept the day away. I lost time again but at least this time I was still where I was supposed to be. Before moving I did my check. Walking to the darker side of the brain first I went to where Jinx was holding Evian and saw him there he was tied up looking broken and beating just the way that I left him. I walked over to him and he looked up at me and rolled his eyes.

            “Come to gloat. How unbecoming of you Nian.” He mocked me and I smiled because he was such a waste of space.

            “I could end this.” I said. “You could end this if you really wanted to. All you have to do is ask Evian. All you have to do is say pretty please.” I said and laughed when he tried to attack me only to find that he could do nothing.

            “Go to hell Nian.”

            “But I’m so close to heaven.” I said and laughed.

            “I will get free Nian. I will kill your pet. I will kill you. And at last I will have her.” He said and I sat down next to Evian.

            “I would never allow that to happen. I would never allow you to touch her.”

            “I had her first.” He said and I looked over at him out the corner of my eyes. “She is mines.”

            “I would slaughter you first.” I said and stood up again walking away from him. I went over to Jinx and laid my hand on his shoulder before walking out leaving that side of the brain and going off to find Dian.

            He was in front of the red door looking at the wall that was across from him but not at the door. He had one of my toys in his hand stabbing the blade of the knife into the same spot of the floor again and again. The darkness was still leaking out of the door. What was I talking about leaking? It was coming out after all the door was opened now. I bit my lips as I thought about what else was going to come out.

            I feared the worst from it. I didn’t want all the evil things that were in there to come out here. I didn’t want them tainting this side of the mind like it had done the other side six years ago. I grabbed Dian’s arm stopping his stabbing and taking the knife from him. Only now he looked at me and silent tears rolled down his face.

            “What’s wrong?” I asked him and he held his hand up to his ears.

            “I hear it. I hear it whispering to me. It asks me to help it. Since I’ve been on the other side. Since I saw the darkness over there it has been whispering to me.”

            “Don’t listen.” I said and he shook his head as if not listening was not a choice.

            “What is it Nian? What else is in here with us? I saw it. I saw that thing that you released to look for Evian. Are there more? How many monsters are living in here with us?” he asked and he was shaking. I knew that Dian was weak. I knew that he was a chicken. But I never saw him so shaken before.

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