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I could taste the sourness of iron in my mouth. I’ve learned years ago to live with it. I’ve learned years ago that there was nothing that I could do about it short of killing. That’s what I wanted more than anything else in this world. To kill others. To cover myself in their blood. To feed upon it and taste it to feel it slide down my throat. Yes blood. I looked around trying to get my baring of where I was. It was always like this when I took control. I could see that I was still in the living room. Still in their lame ass family meeting. My eyes darted around the room until they landed on Angel.

My baby brother was looking at me and smiling and holding out his arms pulling away from mother so that he could get to me. She was holding him back of course they weren’t going to give him to me. It was too close to dusk and my night-self was out already.

“Your cousins will be taking the last two guest room and I want you all to be nice to them.” Father went on to say.

“You say that like we aren’t always nice to them.” Kennedy said in that bitch way that she has.

“Like I said they are going through a hard time so I want you all to be extra nice to them. You as well Ian. I need you to be your normal self all day.” Father said and I smiled.

“I’m always my normal self. If you mean that you want me to be my day-self all day you already know that I can’t do that. He will come out. I can’t control him. My night-self has just as many rights to my body as my day-self. To deny half of me is the same thing as denying me.”

“Ian you know that’s not what I meant. We love you all of you every part of you but I need to know that you won’t try and hurt your cousins.” My cousins. I didn’t like my cousins. It was funny that they needed us now. Seamus and Lilly were always looking down on us. May and Joe were nice enough but their children was like hell spawns and that’s a lot coming from me. Spoiled little bastards they got every and anything that they have ever asked for and even though my brothers and sisters and I have never wanted for anything my parents are firm believers in making us work for everything. If you don’t earn it you don’t get it. That’s what my father always tells my day-self. So when you’re a kid and all that you want is a pocket knife you can understand how annoying it is when someone else is waving their new toy in your face and you have nothing. The last time they were here I had plans for them. I was going to hurt Seamus badly. I was going to cut him open so that I could see what the insides of a person looked like. But then they put my day-self on all of those drugs and I became lost in myself. I hated that feeling not knowing if it was me in control of the body. Not knowing if I was looking through his eyes or if he was looking through mines.

“I’ll try my best.” I told them.

“You as well Nakita.” Mother said.

“If Lilly starts with me the gloves are coming off.” Nakita said and I laughed a bit because you had to love that kid. My mother just looked at her as if she wished that she had better control over her but she didn’t. My mother didn’t have control over any of us. She was a weak woman. Weak in will and that is why she is nothing. Nothing but a house wife. It is all that she can be. All that she will ever amount to. The sad part about it is that it’s all that she’s ever wanted as well. To be someone’s wife. How sad is that?

“The next order of business is my little girl.” Father said and Nakita smiled. “You need to go get dressed and ready your big play is tonight.” He said. “Ian we’ll have to put you in the basement now.” But there was no way in hell that I was going to let him do that. I hate the cage that they put me in. The cage that my day-self willingly goes to. But I wasn’t my day-self dusk had fallen and I was out to play now. I opened my mouth about to start my augment. Some lie about how I had everything under control. How I could go to the play and fight off my night-self for a bit longer. After all this was Nakita we were talking about. Day or night she was the only person that I’ve never wanted to kill.

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