(NIGHT) 17

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  I paced the floor of the apartment feeling like a caged animal. It’s been about two weeks already and I was still here. We were still here. Once every two days father came here and brought food and left without looking at Dian. I was going to go mad. I could taste the iron in my mouth. Cutting myself was no longer enough. I wanted something better. I wanted something fresh. Worse was that I still couldn’t find Evian. Doing the day while Dian was in control of the body I searched the other half of the brain for Evian. Doing the nights I went crazy while I paced the floors here.

            I could hear talking outside of my door and I walked over to it looking out to see people passing by. I had to leave. I had to. I closed my eyes and was in front of the red door. I went in and the darkness engulfed me. It was much too thick to see anything in here. But I didn’t come in here to see what was inside. I came here to hear what the darkness knew. Evian knew how to pick locks. That meant that Ian knew how to pick locks. I was still as it pulled at me. It was whispering many things inside of my mind at once. All the secrets that were held in this mind in this body were stored here. They all demanded to be heard.

            “Night-Ian.” A voice said and I looked to see who had called me. It wasn’t another Ian that had called to me but all the same it was something that belonged in the darkness. Something that belonged locked away in the mind. Every child had an imaginary friend when they are younger. Ian’s just so happened to be a blood hunger monster with one red eye and pointed ears and sharp rotten teeth standing only three feet tall and covered in thick hair everywhere but his head. Long double jotted fingers with nails as sharp as razors and feet that were hands as well. He had bat like wings and he smiled when he saw me. “Welcome.” He said and I frowned at him.

            “I need order.” I told him and his smile widen.

            “I’m not the other Ian’s I know what the true master wished. I am yours to control.” He said. “What do you seek Night-Ian?”

            “Two things.” I said and he nodded. “I will release you from this room if you tell me how to pick the locks like Evian knows. And if you hunt Evian with me.” I said.

            “You locked Evian away inside of here six years ago. You were very foolish to do that.”

            “I was hoping that you would have gotten hungry and ate him alive for me. Slowly and painfully. I listened at the door for years waiting to hear his cries. You disappoint me.” I said and he bowed slightly to me. Unlike the other Ians everyone else in this mind knew that I was in control. They had to listen to me because my reason for living was to control the mind and the body. The other things that lived in Ian’s mind knew that I was the one that he trusted to protect him. To protect us and so I was the closest thing to true Ian that they would ever have. It was just too bad that the other Ian’s didn’t see things in that light.

            “Evian has his uses as well. He does the things that the master didn’t even want you to dirty yourself with. I will hunt him for you Night-Ian. And you know how to pick the lock because how could you not know what is already in the mind.”

            “Jinx if you let anything else out of this room with you I will end you.”

            “And you alone have the power to do so.” He said.

            I opened my eyes and was standing in front of the door. I let a smile spread across my lips as I went about picking the three locks that father had on the door and at long last freeing myself. After two weeks of being locked away just the hallway was like fresh air to me. I walked away going down the stairs and out the apartment. I pulled up a hood so that no one would notice me. After all I wasn’t that far from where I lived. It would be bad if my family saw me. I bit at my lip as I wondered how Aunt May was doing. Whenever Dian asked about her father never answered him. I ignored that for the moment the sour taste in my mouth much more important than the health of my two faced aunt.

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