(EVIL) 15

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  The door was opened at last. I stood on the other side of it in the still darkness where I had been locked away. Put here by Night-Ian for six long years now. But at last I was free. I looked back in the room in my cell. They put me in here like I was an animal. They thought that I would break. They hoped I would fall but being so close to the darkness has only made me stronger. So near the core locked in the room that held all secrets of course I was stronger.

            I stepped out beyond the door and Day-Ian and Night-Ian backed away from me. Night-Ian with his toy in his hand out and pointed at me already. I only smiled at him because he would threaten me. Me when he knew that now that the door was open I was just as strong as he was. That I was stronger than he is.

            “Hello boys.” I said and he frowned.

            “Day-Ian.” He said never looking back at him. Only looking at me only focused on me. I let my eyes slid off of Night-Ian and go to Day-Ian he was shaking with fear. He was holding his side panting from when I was controlling him. Poor Day-Ian he was such an easy puppet to use. He saw me looking at him and he shrink back even farther behind Night-Ian. “Run.” Night-Ian spoke again. “Go to your corner. Go in your door and lock it behind you.” He told him.

            “I can help.” Day-Ian said and I don’t think that he believed himself. I smiled my twisted smile as I took out a toy of my own. It was my favorite toy of all times. The dagger that started this all. The jagged blade that cut into my skin in Ian’s skin countless times. Yoru’s dagger. I held it up to my lips sticking out my tongue and licking the blade. Day-Ian was quivering but as always Night-Ian was still. He was unmoved. His eyes staring at me. His eyes daring me to do something. Anything at all. The only sign that me might have even thought to worry. That me might have feared that the door was opened at all was that his hand tighten on the handle of his machete.

            “RUN!” Night-Ian yelled and I leaped for him as he blocked my attack. Our blades hit each other causing a dead lock. We were evenly matched neither one of us out powering the other.  My eyes looked away from the cold look of determination that was in Night-Ian’s eyes and I saw Day-Ian running down the hall back towards his safe place.

            “What do you plan to do Night-Ian? Toss me back in that god forsaken room. I’ll kill you before I go back in there.”

            “Burn in hell.” Night-Ian said and kicked me away from him and I laughed as I faded into the darkness that was clouding the mind. I opened my eyes and was still on the steps of the house. I couldn’t feel Night-Ian which meant that for the moment he had surrender control over to me. Ha the fool he wasn’t going to fight me. He needed to do damage control. He needed to shut the door before the others things come out of there. Night-Ian was so foolish when he locked me behind the red door. He should have known that I would have learned all the things that even he has forgotten.

            He was hoping that it would have made me go mad but it only strengthen me. Knowing all the things that he knows. Knowing how and why and when. Knowledge is power it what Night-Ian has and what Day-Ian lacks. That is why he runs the show and the rest of us are made to fall in line. But I had knowledge now as well. It wasn’t going to be a repeat of six years ago. I wasn’t going to let Night-Ian beat me again. I looked down at my hands getting used to having the body again. We were just a kid the last time I had complete control. Now we were older.

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