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            My eyes opened and I was in control of the body and my lips were pressed to Mischa’s and her body was close to mines. I’ve only kissed one other girl before. That was Maya when were just children. It was when we would play in the back of the classroom so that the others couldn’t see us. So that no one could find us.

            But maybe that didn’t count. Childish kissing as a part of some lame ass game didn’t compare to this. It felt wrong somehow. Having my lips against Mischa’s felt as if I was betraying Maya and Nian at the same time. I felt my stomach knot. Mischa was toxic. She was poison and Nian could have her. I didn’t want any parts of a girl that tried to make me understand my feeling.

            Even still it felt nice to kiss someone. Or maybe it just felt nice to kiss this someone. Maybe if wasn’t that all of us liked Mischa maybe it was just the body that wanted her. We were sixteen now. According to TV all teenage boys have needs. Have sexually desirers even the fucked up ones like us.

            “Hey!” a boy yelled and I pulled away from Mischa so that I could look at him. I had no clue who he was. No wait he was the one that took us to the hospital. He had just now picked himself up off the floor and since I was just getting the body after Loki I could only guess that he was the one that put him there.

            “What do you want?” I hissed at him.

            “Listen here I don’t know what you problem is. You have to be one of the weirdest people that I’ve ever meant. But you don’t push someone just cause they are dancing with their friend.” He said and I smiled because the baby was sad that he got pushed. How lame was that.

            “Bijan it’s ok. Evian didn’t do it.” Mischa said and Bijan just looked at her.

            “You’re kidding me right.”

            “I will explain later okay.” She promised him

            “Whatever. I’m going home. Happy birthday whoever you are.” He said and walked away from us from me. I only smiled because well it was funny when you think about it. There was no need for him to get his panties in a twist. He wasn’t even bleeding that meant that Loki wasn’t even trying to hurt him. That Loki wasn’t even playing with him.

            “Okay see you later then.” Mischa called after him but he was already across the room and leaving the house. I scanned the room for signs of my family but they weren’t here maybe gone out with Nakita and Angel to trick or treat. I could feel Mischa hand in mines and it made me turn to her and look.

            “What?” I asked.

            “Just making sure you don’t run from me like you did last time.” She said and I frowned and turned away from her looking off across the room again. I didn’t want to hang out with her. I didn’t want to hang out with anyone right now. I wanted to play my own little game. I wanted blood. It’s been so long since I’ve had it. The taste of decay should have filled my mouth but it was sweet right now. Too sweet. I looked over at Mischa wondering if she had something to do with that. But of course she did who else could it have been.

            My frown deepened when I could feel another Ian pushing against me. Telling me that it was time for me to give up the body so that they could take their turn. There was so many of us and yet so few hours in the day to control the body. Beside tonight we all get a turn so I released control to the next Ian that was in line.

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