(DARK) 11

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  King felt Vigil forced from the body and King took that moment to seize control. King could feel her under King. King could feel her heat, could feel her body, King could smell her scent. King looked down and saw Mischa pinned under King. King’s fingers clenched making King hand on her tighten.

            “Nian…” Mischa voice was weak as if she wasn’t sure what Ian had the body. King looked her in the eyes and she knew then. She knew that her Vigil had left and it was King here now. “King let me go.” She said. King’s eye ran up her body taking her in. She was dressed like some kind of dark angel. I believed it. I believed that this was her true formed. I believed that Mischa was some kind of evil dominated angel that was sent here to torture King for all of King’s pass doing.

            She had to be an evil angel because in the fifteen years that King has been a part of Ian King has never wanted anything in King’s life. King wanted Mischa. King felt a strange feeling coursing through the body. King takes back what he said. Mischa was more like a witch then an angel. Evil all the same though. King released her before King because overwhelmed. King hated this. Hated the thoughts Mischa puts in King’s head. King hated the way that she made King feel.

            “Just go.” King told her as she sat up. The body was fuzzy. Everything was through a fog. That idiot Vigil must have been drinking. It’s the only reason that the body would feel this way.

            “Are you sure?” she asked and King lied back on King’s bed and closed his eyes.

            “King is sure.” King answered her but then felt a weight on King’s chest. King eyes opened suddenly and saw Mischa lying next to King with her head on King’s chest. King closed his eyes again and let everything faded away.

            King could remember it. King could remember the first time King saw Ian. Saw True Ian. He was everything to King. He was god to King. King’s not even sure King knew what the word god meant at that time. Not even sure King knew if there was such thing as a god but Ian. Ian was god. He was so bright the first time King looked upon him. To King he seem so pure. When Ian spoke King drunk in his words. For three years all King knew was that there was King and that there was Ian. Then King learned of him. King learned that there was another in the body with King and Ian. King saw Vigil for the first time.

            King was wondering the halls on the side of the brain that Ian told King to never learn. Told King that only bad things were on the other side of the brain. Ian told King that he was only safe on the right side of the brain. So King stayed. But Vigil didn’t. He wandered to the right side. King remembers thinking that he was Ian. That he was the one that made King. That he was King’s god. They felt so much alike. As if in his own image Ian made Vigil.

            “Ian.” King called happily to King’s master to King’s maker and the boy stopped and turned around and looked at King as if the was the first he had ever seen him. And since this boy was Vigil and not Ian it was the first time he had ever seen him.

            “Who are you?” he asked and King frowned. For three years we had been together. Working together, training together, and learning together how Ian could not know who King was.

            “Krad who are you?” King asked coming to the conclusion that this wasn’t Ian. That this was another broken piece much like King himself.

            “I’m Vigil. I belong on the left side of the brain.”

            “Krad belongs on the right side. Ian will be upset and beat you Vigil. Krad thinks that you should hurry back.” Vigil only laughed. Giggled in that childish way he had when we were young when we were new when we were innocent when Ian was innocent. “What are you laughing at Krad?” King hissed at him.

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