(EVIL) 24

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  At last that selfish prick Nian handed the body over to me as he went to his safe place for rest. Now I got to roam the city on my own. I got to be free at last. I found that I had nowhere to go though. I wondered aimlessly until I found that I was at a playground. I walked over to the swings sitting down and looking up at the moon. That bastard Nian thought that I was going to be a good boy and stay in the house and that’s why he waited until night to pass over the body. But what did I need in that house. What could I want from those people?

            I heard a mutter of voices in my head but I had been hearing them since I touched that damn door. No wonder Dian was going mad. That door was madness. It was everything insane inside of us. As if someone bottle up the insanity that was Ian and locked it away in that room. Behind that door. And who knows maybe that what it was. I had looked for it. It was going to be my weapon against Nian. But Now I feel that I have bigger things to worry over than Nian. God knows he has bigger things to worry over then me.

            I looked up at the moon and it was full tonight. A night like this was the kind that you needed to do something. You needed to feed you blood lust on these nights. And yet my blood lust didn’t rise inside of me. I only felt numb inside. I felt as if something was eating away at me. At my mind and my soul. If I had a soul. If part of someone’s mind could have its own soul.

            I took out my dagger of course I had to get it back. Father had locked it away after I cut May with it but I had it again now. I had it because it was mines. I earned it. I was the one that played with Yoru so I earned his dagger. I looked at its blade and frowned when I remember how Yoru use to cut me with it.

            “How much blood have you tasted?” I whispered to the dagger. “How many masters have you killed?” I rolled up my sleeve running the blade up my arm watching as a line of blood formed from it. Blood. It was the key to life wasn’t it. Without blood you die. I looked at my arm after I made my wound. Looking at the blood flow down my arm.

            “Hey.” A voice said and I looked up to see her standing in front of me.

            “I’m not Nian so piss off.” I said but Mischa still walked over and sat down next to me on the other swing.

            “I would really be grateful to you if you didn’t harm the body that you share with him.” She said. I cut my eyes over at her and smiled as I held up my dagger.

            “Would you like to play a game?” I asked.

            “Nope.” She answered and I laughed because she didn’t even think about it. Then I frowned again before seeing her made me want to see Maya. Had I ask Maya to play with me she would have jumped at the chance. Nian loved Mischa I knew that. But I didn’t love Maya. What we have is far more twisted then love. I wanted to hurt her and she wanted to hurt me. I only ever want to make her bleed love has nothing to do with pain. At least to me it doesn’t. “What one are you?” she asked me and I looked over at her again.

            “Evil-Ian.” I answered and she smiled as if it was funny.

            “Evian then.” She said. “What made you evil?”

            “It is the name that True-Ian gave me. I try to live up to it every day.” I said and she rolled her eyes at me.

            “Shouldn’t you be out doing something evil then? Sitting around cutting yourself hardly counts. Why isn’t Nian out anyway it’s night time.”

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