(DARK) 6

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  Damn. That was one Ian King thought that king would never see again. One Ian that King was sure was gone forever. He crawled out of the pit. If he did it once he can do it again. What was King going to do? What could King do? King sat on his throne and closed King’s eyes. King could feel the light surround King. King could feel the knowing of the room. Of King’s room.

            “What do you want?” the voice hissed into King’s mind.

            “It was your idea to put him in the pit. Kings wants to know how you plan to keep him in the pit.” King answered this hissing voice. It was King’s voice. It was the voice of King’s room answering King, talking to King, telling King what King needed to do.

            “We told you to kill him not lock him away in a pit.”

            “That wouldn’t have been wise. To kill that Ian would have been the worst thing that King could have done. The body would have suffered if King did that.”

            “Your pit King. Your problem.” It said and the black door opened and Loki and Ducky came in King’s room. King frowned when he looked at Loki. He has be M.I.A since King talked to him about Hades. And Hades has been locked away in his safe room since Nian attacked him.

            “Where have you been?” King yelled. Had Loki been where he was supposed to be the other Ian would have never taken control of the body. He would have never gotten the chance to have control of it.

            “I was doing what you asked of me. I tamed Hades as promised.” Loki answered and yawned as if he was bored with King. King hated Loki the most. No King hated Nian the most but Loki was a close second. I don’t know why True-Ian put someone like him on my side. He was better suited to be with the heart. Loki didn’t have what it takes to be a part of the brain. Then again True-Ian could have done it just to get under King’s skin. Putting Loki on King’s side was probably a joke to True-Ian. King’s eyes went off of Loki and to Ducky who was standing there holding his bunny looking like the idiot child that he was.

            King gave a sigh because King was surrounded by idiots. King stood and rose from King’s throne walking down the steps and motioning for the two of them to follow behind. King walked down a few halls leading towards the body. King wanted to get his turn in the body. King wanted to see what damage was done from the other Ian taking over.

            “Krad.” A voice called and King knew who it was. It has been six long years but King could never forget that voice. Beside only two people in this body in this whole world called King that name. King turned around and looked at Nian. Loki smiled maybe seeing a chance to have some fun and turned his fox mask so that his face was now completely hidden behind it and not just the side. Nian’s eyes went to Loki and his hand went to his side his favorite toy his machete at his side and now in his hand.

            Loki reached for his took as well. It was a dagger with a long sharp blade and a black handle. King smiled as well. King liked blood. King knew that logically Loki would lose. But Nian wouldn’t be unharmed. To think the two people that King hated the most might kill each other. No Nian would kill Loki and Loki would hurt Nian. Then King would finish Nian off.

            “Long time no see Vigil.” King said. He smiled when King called him that name. But King hasn’t been called that name in a long time. And King was sure that Nian hasn’t been called Vigil in a long time as well. It was his true name. King’s true name. King hated it. King hated Vigil and he hated Ian as well. Hated True-Ian. He showered Vigil with his love and what did King get. Lessons were what King had gotten. Lesson after lesson Ian taught King everything that King knows. Everything that King would need to know. And if King asked questions in the dark room King went.

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