(NIGHT) 26

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Viewer Discretion is advised; This following Chapter contains sexual content.



           “FUCK!” I yelled as I grabbed the closest thing to me and threw it across the red room.

            “Temper, temper Vigil.” My voice of my room mocked me as it laughed. But this wasn’t the time to laugh. Something needed to be done about Shiki. He was going to destroy us all if he wasn’t stopped. “What are you going to do?”

            “What do you think I’m going to do? I’m going to slaughter Shiki.”

            “That just great Vigil a kill for a kill that’s what the body needs.”

            “Shut up! Don’t you think I know? Do you think I want to kill Ian’s?”

            “You did six years ago.”

            “That was different.”

            “I couldn’t tell you what to do then and I doubt I can now. Vigil think before you act. You’re hurt right now. Evian was lost and now Tam. Do you want to walk down that road again? Do you not recall the darkness that on that’s path. Look at you now. Look at what you have become.”

            “SHUT UP!” I yelled. “You haven’t had blood in some time. You’re getting weak. Shiki will die. I will not let him kill another Ian.”

            “Killing him is not the way.”

            “Killing him is the only way! Open your eyes. How many more do we have to lose? How many more is he going to slaughter before someone stops him. I won’t die. And I won’t allow him to destroy this body either. Go against me and I will seal you shut again.” I grabbed my machete and walked towards the door as it closed in my face. “You test me.”

            “I save you. Talk to Krad at least if the heart and the brain agrees that Osiris needs to die then I shan’t stand in your way.” The darkness said and I let out a hissing breath.

            “Fine I will go see Krad.” I said and the door opened and I walked out. I walked the halls focus only on my task. I could feel it though. We have lost our innocence. And now what? What will happen to the body? What will happen to us? Shiki is an idiot. He keeps killing us and what will be left. First the pain is freed and now the innocence is lost. If we lose another I fear the worse. I left my room going down the hair and towards the right side of the brain. I didn’t want to see Krad. Who in their right mind would want to see that?  I went to the back door and took in a breath before I knocked.

            “Enter.” A voice came from the inside and the door opened and I walked in. I saw Krad sitting on his throne as Loki was standing in front of him. They both cut off midsentence when they looked and saw me come in. Loki smiled as he moved his mask to cover his face.

            “Loki leave.” Krad said and Loki looked back at him and then moved the mask off his face as he walked pass me.

            “Soon Nian. Very soon.” He hissed at me as he walked pass. I only grinned at the threat as I watched him go. Then I turned and looked at Krad.

            “What do you want King for?” Krad asked and I suppressed my annoyance at him.

            “I want to kill Shiki are you with me or not.” I bluntly put it and he stood up and walked down the stairs that led to his throne.

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