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            I frowned when I noticed that I was in the back of a car. I don’t remember myself getting in this car. I don’t remember my day or night-self getting in any car at all and where was I, who car was I in, how the hell did I get here? My eyes seem to focus and I saw Malikai my day-self best friend sitting up the front. I turned and saw his sister was the one that was driving us. I frowned because that never happened before. Day or night-self I always knew where I was. I blacked out. I’ve never blacked out before. I closed my eyes as I ran my fingers through my hair but as soon as I closed them there was the door. The red door. My day-self might not know but I knew that the red door was bad news. I knew that I needed to stay away from it.

            “You’re home Ian tell your dad that’s it all on me.” Malikai said and I looked over at him. I could hear his words but at the same time they sounded as if they were being yelled at me in a wind storm and the storm was catching them and pulling them away. I nodded and got out the car going up to the house. I pulled out my keys still in a bit of a daze wondering how much time I had missed. Was it just getting in the car that I blanked on or was it more? Why now? Why was this happening again? Why was the red door coming back now? I went to unlock the door but the handle was pulled from me and my father was standing on the other side.

            “Where the hell have you been?” he asked me and I frowned as I looked at him then I smiled. “Ian you promise you wouldn’t do this.”

            “I believe my day-self promise to be home in time for dinner. I am.” I said walking in the house.

            “Here take these now.” Father said and I held out my hand for the pills. He passed me two of them and I popped them in my mouth making a whole scene about swallowing them. “Hurry up dinner is on the table.” He said and I nodded and when he turned his back to me I spit the pills back out. Really did he think that it was going to be that easy? Why would I want to take anything that would make me go away? If I took sleeping pills then I would never be my night-self. I would only ever be my day-self and that wasn’t good. I needed the body just as much as him. I had rights to the body just as many as him. I came in the dining room to see the others already sitting there waiting for my father and I to join them.

            “Cutting it close there Ian.” Uncle Joe said and I sighed.

            “Traffic sucks at this time of night.” I said and looked over a Billy when I said night. I wanted him to know that I was my night-self because I wanted him to know that there was nothing that he could do to stop me. There was a few moment at the table in awkward silence as we waited while my mother passed the food around. If this is what dinner was like then I’m happy that only my day-self was invited to sit through them. Billy and father were watching me as we started to eat. They both knew that I was my night-self and they were going to keep an eye on me. I faked a yawn to make it seem as if the pills that I supposedly took were kicking in. I could taste iron just like always and I wondered how frowned upon it would be ifI grabbed one of the knives and stabbed Seamus with it. Of course if they didn’t want me to hurt Seamus yet Billy was there and he was closer in fact. But I noticed that all of the knives in my area had been moved away. Now how was I supposed to cut my meat? I frowned when something rubbed against my leg and it made me look under the table to see a puppy.

            “Since when do we have a dog?” I asked and Lilly looked under the table grabbing it up and holding it in her lap.

            “We don’t have anything and when I say we I mean you. London is my dog and don’t touch him.” She said and I just gave her a smile.

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