(DAY) 7

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            My father was making me go see Dr. Grey today before school. I’m sure he just wanted me to tell on myself for killing the dog but I had more important things to do. I needed to tell him about the door. I needed to tell him about Yoru. I sat on the couch in his office and he was writing stuff down on his notepad. I wondered if he was writing down everything that my father had told me I’ve done since the last time we’ve spoke.

            “Ian.” He said and I looked at him. “You killed Lilly’s dog.”  I only nodded. “You want to tell me about that. Why did you kill the dog?”

            “Night-Ian was the one that killed the dog not me.” I answered.

            “Can I talk to Night-Ian? You only ever come as Day-Ian I would love to speak with him at least once.”

            “He won’t talk to you.” I answered and the doctor wrote something down.

            “Why is that?”

            “He just doesn’t like you really. He thinks that you are a quack doctor.”

            “What do you think?”

            “There is something inside of my head.” I said reaching up touching my forehead. “There is a door and it’s red and it’s there and Night-Ian is afraid of what’s behind it. And I’m afraid of what’s behind it. He kills to feed it. At least that’s what he said. Hell is in my head. Hell is.” I said and dropped my head in my hands. “There is something that I want to remember. Something locked away inside of my skull. Yoru.” I said.

            “How are the sleeping pills working?” he asked.

            “When I sleep I see the door. I don’t want to see the door so I don’t sleep.”

            “What’s behind the door Ian?”

            “I don’t know.”

            “But Night-Ian knows.”


            “So you have to know. You are Ian one side can’t know something that the other doesn’t. If Night-Ian knows something than so does Day-Ian. So do you.”

            “I don’t remember.” I said.

            “I want to try something on you Ian. Your mind parted after something happened to you in the past. We’ve never talked about that night did we.”

            “I don’t remember that night.”

            “I want to do hypnosis on you to reawaken you buried memories. Are you open and willing?”

            “Yes.” I answered.

            “I want you to look at the globe and listen to my voice.” My eyes feel on the globe that was on the stand beside his chair. “Follow my voice Ian. You’re calm; your breathing is slowing, in and out, in and out. Your eyes are heavy Ian. Close them they are so heavy.” I closed my eyes. I lost his words for a moment. I couldn’t hear what he was saying as I was losing myself. “Where are you Ian.” He asked me.

            I was in front of the door. It was shut tightly and Night-Ian was sitting on the floor in front of it but he was sleeping. I moved passed him and stopped in front of the door. My heart was racing and I went to reach out and touch it but Night-Ian grabbed my arm. I looked at him and he shook his head no.

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