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             I was to late. I was to late. I WAS TO LATE. I knew he was going to do something crazy. I knew, I knew, I knew. That bastard killed him. His sword sliced through Hade’s face like a hot knife through butter. The upper half of Hade’s head slide over to me and I looked down at it seeing his eyes look up at me.

               Kill them. Kill them. BURN THEM ALL. I shook my whole body was shaking as King, Vigil, and Jude made it down the hall to see what Shiki and Vice had down. I grabbed how of my side as I trembled.

              “Loki.” Jude said carefully and I titled my hand back looking at the ceiling. My mouth opened and laughter escaped. I couldn’t control it a mad laughter shook my very core. Falling to my knees I was holding my side as a gut busting laugh continued to come. Pounding one fist on the floor tears poured from my eyes as I laughed so hard.

             “He’s gone mad.” Vice voice echoed in the hall and my mouth shut cutting off the laughter at once. I stood once more and my eyes went over to him. Then they fell on Shiki.

             “You. Have. Released. The. INSANITY!” I burst into laughter once more as Hade’s body started to dissolve. In one big POP he was got a wave of energy went throughout the body. Oh I could feel it. I closed my eyes bathing in the ecstasy of madness. YES! This is what I wanted. Oh baby this is what I have longed for. To go crazy inside of insanity. OR. Maybe I was going sane inside of madness. I didn’t know. I didn’t give a flying fuck either.

           Moving my mask in front of my face I took one step, two step. Soon I was running weapon in my had as I went for Vice. I wanted him even more then I wanted Shiki. I wanted his blood. Oh God I wanted to hear him scream. I swung my dagger down and was blocked. My eyes slide to see Vigil was the one that stopped me.

         “You are not using your head right now.” Vigil said but I could see it in his eyes. Our brave and fearless Vigil was fighting it as well. He was fighting back the insanity that was infecting us right now. He had to be the one to be strong. He had to always be the one to maintain his righteousness.

         “I see you.” I whispered and kicked at him he took my hit swinging his machete at me. I flipped away looking at the other. Shiki had left already it was a shame I wanted to know what the blood of death tasted like. Jude was on his knees. So weak and useless holding his hands to his head he wasn’t going to last long. Then there was King. King didn’t move at all. He was looking at Vice and I could see that cold calculating look on his face. He was planning something. What a great king he would be.

         “So back to you room Loki.” Vigil said and I laughed at him.

        “You do not rule the side I belong to. YOU ARE NOT IAN!” I yelled going for him once more. “Show me Vigil! Show me how you bleed. Become what you once were. I WANT TO SEE HIM.” I said and Vigil kicked me away from him. I slammed into the wall and let out a mad laughter. “I want to see the beast again.”

       “I will not allow it. I will not lose myself again.” He said and couldn’t help the fit of laughter that over took me once more. “Get a hold of yourself Khaos.”

       “I want to see him. I want to see the true Vigil. Just as I did six years ago.” I said and he shook his head but I could tell he was close. I could tell that it wasn’t long off before I awaken the beast once more. There was a light in his eyes that I have only seem when Vigil was gone to the darkness. There was the self that he had only displayed when he was slaughtering us all. “Give in to your desires. Turn yourself over to the madness. This is a gift.”

      Looking at my hands I left as if I had never seen them before. I could feel them as if I had never felt them before. Hades is this your will? Was this what you felt like all the time? You were so much more then just my pawn and my puppet. You were my brother and my friend. Just like you True Ian didn’t want me. Just like you I rejected him as well. If this is what you have given me then I shall take it. This gift. I could feel this great gift. “THIS GIFT OF MADNESS!”

        “He’s gone insane do something.” Jude called and Vigil snorted at him.

         “Because I’ve been pussy footing around all this time.” Vigil said and I laughed at him. I watched as Jude stood up but King grabbed his arm pulling be back before he could make it to Vigil.

          “Do not provoke him. He is so near the edge.” King said and looked at me. Did he want it as well. Did he want to see the true Vigil just like me. Just like six years ago. I wanted to walk in path of darkness. I wanted to bathe in the blood once more. King allowed it. He led us. So many Ian in quick session gaining and losing control of the body. Back then it had felt as if we all linked at one. As if all Ian’s as one had taking the body.

         “What should we do?” Jude asked and King shook his head.

         “King does not know.” He said and I laughed again. All the smarts and still lack the answers. What a useless King he was.

          “If my role is done.” Vice voice made us all look over at him. His role and that would be what. Getting Hades killed. I knew. I knew. I knew what Hades was planning. I knew. I knew. I knew that he was coming fro Vice. I didn’t stop him. Hades against Vice. Hade would have skinned him alive. I should have known though. I should have. I should have. I should have known that Vice would never fight fair.

          “CORRUPTION needs to be purged from this body.” My head snapped to the side so that I could look at my target. The only thing between Vice and I was Vigil. What a thing to over come. Vigil.

         “Kill me and the only thing that corruption is going to do is release itself in the body.” Vice was so smart. Vice was so smug. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I HATE VICE. I wanted to see his blood.

    “I WANT TO SEE YOU BLEED!” I yelled leaping for him but Vigil was there and kicked me back. “OUT OF MY WAY!”

      “Than move me!” he yelled back and giggled. Ahhhhh and so it begins. He was feeling it as well. Come to me. Come to me. Come to me true Vigil. I went to move again but I heard footsteps down the hall. I paused looked towards the way it had come. Was it me. Was it me. Was it my madness that sounded the sounds. The others were looking as well.

     “Shiki.” I hissed out his name and took a step toward the way.

     “Khaos.” King yelled my true name and I bend backwards so that I could look at him upside downwards. “King is ruler of this side.” I gave a smile though my mask hide it from voice. “King forbid you to go there.”

      Forbid. It is forbade. It is forbade. It is forbade. Ian. Why Ian? Why did you make me? Why did you make any of us? Were you that weak? Were you that useless? Why did you leave us? None of this would have happened. None of us would have died. Hades, Evain, Tam, and all the others that we lost six years ago. We could have kept them. We could have maintained the balanced. Why Ian? Why have you forsaken us?

      I reached up yanking the mask from my face and tossing it away from me. Hades is dead. The body is breaking. The body is decaying. What are we fighting for? What was left to gain? King started to walk towards me and I frowned not trusting him one bit. He just walked passed me though. Not uttering a single word to me. He just kept walking pass me towards the way that I had just be forbidden to go. I watched as he went rounding a corner and falling out of sight.

           “Have you given up on this fight?” Vigil asked and I looked over at him again. I smiled giving him a twisted smile just so he know I planned to stay the way I was. That I was going to keep this insanity inside of me. That it was going to mix with the chaos at my core and who knew what I will become when that happens. Who knows what I will become. Who cares? Who cares? No one cares.

          “For now.” I said and my eyes went to Vice once again. “I will taste your blood Vice.” I promised him turned from them and walking away. I went to Hade’s safe room but the door was already locked and refused to open. “You’re dead as well then.”I said to the room pressing my forehead to the frame. “Where am I to go?” I asked no one but I saw a door open. I scoffed at it knowing that it was my own safe room that was calling me to it.

      I turned from Hades’s room looking at my own. I had stop listening to the voice of my room ages ago. It had nothing to say that I wanted to hear. I walked slowly towards the door. It had shut and locked itself six years ago after I told it what I thought of its opinions and what I thought of Ian as well. Now it was open again. Calling to me in my madness. No. This was my sanity. I was thinking clear at last.

      Going to the door I reached out to touch it but it slammed shut in my face. I laughed yet again at it playing games with me. It was nothing less than I would have thought from it. Sitting down outside of the door I could feel it’s laughter as well through the walls. “Fucking with me.” I hissed at it slamming my fist against the door.

        “Ya want in Khaos pay the Piper.” the light happy tone of my voice answered me.
        “You can rot in hell.” I said and we both shared a laugh at that.

         “Ya have accepted the insanity into you. So foolish to take his cause as well.”

        “No worries I didn’t take it all. I left some for each of the others. Just enough to drive them over the edge.”

         “How nice of ya to share.”

         “I can be taught.” I said and chuckled.

         “Shall ya entered.”

         “I don’t like you that much.” I mocked him and I knew that he was smiling.

         “What will I do with you?”

         “Question of the day.” I answered leaning my head back and looking at my hands. I wanted to taste his blood. Vigil however stood in my way. He will return to us. Vigil. The true Vigil. The beast that hunted us six years ago. He will return to us. Than what? He will slaughter Shiki. “Are we dying?”

           “What a question to ask.” he said and I nodded as I closed my eyes. I could tell that the body was resting at the moment. It needed to recover. We were doing more harm then good for the body right now. Ian the body would be no more before this war of the mind was done. Did I care that the body would be useless. Yes and no. Without a body what is to become of us.

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