(DARK) 16

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  Losing Evian was a bit of a disappointment. This is why King locked away that fucking idiot Shiki. He doesn’t care about the effects it will have on the body. He doesn’t care about what it will do to the rest of us. Lose your purpose and Shiki comes for you. King frowned at that thought. Maybe for someone like Ducky or Dian or even Loki maybe they could lose their purpose. Maybe they could start to become what they aren’t but Evian bottled pain. He had no choice but to bottle the pain. His purpose wasn’t lost and Shiki killed him still.

            “You need to stop Shiki.” The voice in King’s black room told him. So now it wanted to talk to King. So now it wanted to tell King what to do. As if King didn’t know that already. As if King was going to let Shiki walk around destroying what King worked so hard to build.

            “What do you suggest King do? Last time King could only trap him in the pit. The pit isn’t enough now.” King hissed at it.

            “You need to kill him Krad.” It said and King sighed as King leaned his head on the back of King’s throne. Was King the only one smart enough to get it? Killing Ian’s was a bad idea. If King wanted to kill Ian’s King would be the only one left by now. But killing an Ian is the same as killing yourself. Each part we miss we end up more broken and empty. Ian made us for balance. You kill one Ian and that balance is gone.

            “King can’t kill Shiki.” King said too deep in King’s own thoughts to pay the voice much mind.

            “What will you do then Krad? What is he kills Hades? All of the insanity that he has bottled up will overflow into the body into you. And if he kills Loki chaos will spread throughout the body and mind. If he kills Ducky then the innocents is lost.”

            “King knows that.” King said softly.

            “And if Dian was to die the balance would crumble.”

            “King knows that.” I hissed a bit harder.

            “And what happens is Vigil dies. What do you think happens if you die?”

            “KING KNOWS!” King yelled and stood up from King’s throne. “What do you think will happen if Shiki dies though?” King started to walk towards the door and it slammed shut in King’s face.

            “Where are you going?”

            “To see the Keeper.” King answered and King could hear the voice hissing at him.

            “No one is supposed to see that Ian. Only True-Ian has the right to see him.”         

            “He forfeited that right when he left.” King said but the door didn’t open. “Release King.”

            “I cannot allow you to see him. The Keeper is to never be seen by anyone but the true Ian.”          

            “King is going into the body.” King said and there was a moment paused before King was released.

            King opened the eyes of the body and saw Mischa next to King. King looked down at her for a long moment and then frowned. Now wasn’t the time. King couldn’t lose his purpose right now. King was in danger. All Ian’s are in danger and King would be damned if Mischa was the death of him. Ian taught King to be hollow and so hollow King shall be. King got out of the bed leaving the room. King needed to put space between King and Mischa.

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