(NIGHT) 11

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  I waited on the corner with my hands shoved down in my pocket feeling the knife that Day-Ian had only just pulled on Lilly in there. Malikai called just before I took over the body and told Day-Ian to meet him here. I had already been feed and locked away in my room. After my last talk to father no one locked me to any beds now. And Day-Ian had enough smarts to go out and buy some rope for us to use so we could get out of there. We were going to see Die Young and I had to say I was a bit amped up about it. Die Young was one of the few bands that both Day-Ian and I liked. It was so annoying listening to the crept that he calls music so when we have something we both like we do our best to go with it. Malikai called about an hour ago but now he was late. I took out my cell phone looking at the time again just a bit after nine. Then at last a car pulled up and I looked in to see Tessa driving with Malikai in the passenger seat and Jessica in the back. I got in and Jessica smiled and held out her hand to me.

            “Ian right.” She said and I gave her the once over. Slim, short, curly blond hair, green eyes she was a cheerleader so she was fit as well. Jessica reminded me of every dumb blond that I ever meant and sure I could see why Day-Ian would like her he was something of a dumb blond himself but I wasn’t Day-Ian. “You sit in front of me in English you weren’t in school like this whole week.” She said. She was chewing gum and twisting it around her finger as she talked. That was just gross does she know how many germs are in the human mouth. Fuck that does she know how many are on her hand. I turned away from her when I started tasting the sourness of iron in my mouth. If I kept thinking about why I don’t like her I would want to kill her. Killing Jessica could cause me problems though.

            “Hey after the concert we have this kick ass party to go to as well.” Malikai said and I frowned. He was testing me tonight. Did he really think that I could control myself that long? Die Young was different I liked their music just as much as Day-Ian but parties. Being surrounded by all of those people. He would be testing my will. He was testing my sanity.

            “What do you like to do for fun Ian?” Jessica was making small talk with me and I cut my eyes over at her not playing nice at all right now.

            “I like to gut things.” I said.

            “What did he say?” Tessa asked looking at me through the rearview mirror. Tessa was that girl. She was ever cheerleading bitch that you’ve seen in every movie you’ve watched or on every TV show that has had cheerleaders. I thought that maybe she watched them all and said yes this is who I am going to be. With her unnaturally blond hair you could always see the dark roots. And big round brown eyes that she thought she could bat and the world would fall at her feet.

            And her big boobs were maybe the only reason why all the guys at the school drooled over her. I knew for a fact that it was one of the reasons that Malikai liked her. She was mean, rude, she used people and she thought that just because she was pretty you had to give her what she wanted. I hated girls like Tessa. There has been times when Day-Ian was in control and Malikai was talking to her and I just wanted to punch her in the face. I know you shouldn’t hit a girl but damn she annoying.

            “Ian’s just messing with her.” Malikai said and laughed it off a bit. “Gut things good one.” I only smiled because that was something that my family would have done to cover over the fact that I was out of my mind. My mind I looked around for Day-Ian briefly making sure that he was nowhere near the door since I was in control of the body but he was sitting still in his corner waiting for the show. He pulled a knife on Lilly today. Even though I would have slit her throat Day-Ian would have never done that. The door is shut but little things like this keep happening. Maybe it’s getting stronger. Maybe I’m getting weaker. I’m sure that it’s Day-Ian that is getting weaker. I have to do more. I have to strengthen us or we will fall. If that thing comes out it will be six years ago all over again.

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