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  I sat in Hades’s safe room with him. He needed to heal after Shiki attacked him. He needed to heal for the role he played before, during, and after Shiki killed Evian. I looked over at Hades. He wanted to kill Evian. He wanted to make Evian his play thing. Evian was his other half even though they weren’t opposite from each other like the rest of us. Like Jude and I where as he is balance and I am chaos but he and Evian was still linked. Still two sides of the coin. A coin that son of bitch True-Ian tossed away. With both of them he hardly spoke a word to them.

            “You don’t need to worry.” Hades said and my eyes slide over to where he was laying. The wound in his side wasn’t that bad and yet it had taken Hades down. It had taken down the same Hades that lives for pain that enjoys suffering and yet he was no match for Shiki. And what did Jude say. Stick together. Kill Shiki together. Shiki was going to die. Oh yeah I would make sure of that. But it would only be by my hands.

            Who did Shiki think he was to come from nowhere and wounding what was rightfully mines? If he thought for one second that he could play with and break one of my toys I would have to teach him quickly. I would have to show him why no one touches my things.

            “Don’t flatter yourself who ever said I was worried about you.” I hissed at Hades and he just laughed weakly.  He needed to hurry up and heal so that plans could be made so that we could start the take down of Shiki. I stood up annoyed with Hades not because he did anything but because he was foolish enough to get hurt in the first place.

            With Evian gone the overflow of pain hung in the body as thick as fog. Every now and then a wave of it pulse and causes pain for all those around. And where was he hiding now. Where was Shiki hiding? I looked everywhere for him and I couldn’t find him anywhere. What side of the brain does his safe room rest on? I would think the right side but Ian always had a way of going against what made sense.

            I frowned and paused when I saw my wandering mind had taken me to my own safe room. I reached out and touched the door but I didn’t want to go in there. I knew what was waiting for me in there. The whispering voice would not look down on me. It would not tell me what to do. My frowned deepen. Evian death even got to me I see. I wasn’t happy right now. I needed to change that. I needed to go out and have fun and become happy again. And become Loki again. Because the gods know that I can’t die. Not now not ever. To the end. It was what I was promised. It was what I was getting.

            “Loki.” Someone said my name and I turned around to see Ducky standing behind me. I looked down at him and frowned. What was this idiot doing talking to me? What did Ducky have to say to me? “I want to throw my lot in with you and Hades.” He said and I tilted my head back and laughed at the foolish child. Why would he think that there was a chance in hell that I was going to help him? “We can use each other Loki.” He said and my laughter stopped for just a moment.

            “If you wanted to be a part of a team you should have stuck with Nian and Jude. If you want to follow someone around blindly then your best bet is King. You are useless to me Ducky so move along before I decide you are the next Ian that dies.”

            “Is it so hard to think of someone who isn’t yourself?” Ducky hissed at me. “All Ian’s are selfish. I guess that was the one thing that he passed to all of you.” He said and turned on his heels walking away from me. Selfish huh. I laughed a bit because I never thought of Ian as someone who gave me something. He gave me life true but at that time he needed me more then I needed them. Ah and there’s the rub. Ian needs all us more then we need him. This last eight or nine years proved that we can live without him. It makes me wonder if Ian could live without us.

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