Your Pov:

You and the girls shopped for a while before making your way back to the house. Its about 2:30 in the afternoon as you pull up the long whindy street to the top as Mariam pulls down the driveway with you in the passenger seat and roni in the back.

Getting out of the car you quietly crack open the front door to hear the boys talking in the lounge. You put your finger over your lips as roni and Mariam creep behind you, quietly placing your bag by the door.

As you tip toe closer to the lounge you see the boys still sitting on the couch with the laptop in front of them. You turn to face the girls, "ready" you whisper, "1-2....." You whisper "THREE!" You scream jumping out from behind the boys instantly you see their bodies jolt, Daniel jumps in fear with the popcorn bowl spilling everywhere and beau and the rest of the boys letting out a scream. "What the fuck!" James says holding his chest breathing heavily. "What was that for!" Jai laughs also breathing heavily.

You shrug laughing at them all, wrapping your arms around Jai's neck from the back of the couch. "We're doing a twitcam" he says pointing to the laptop on the coffee table. "Oh" you say shocked. "Hi guys" you laugh awkwardly at the computer from behind the couch, Mariam and roni sit down on the couch next to the boys. You let go of jai turning around, "babe sit down" he says grabbing your arm before you can walk away.

"Im just gonna get a water" you smile down at him as he releases. Making your way to the kitchen you open the fridge grabbing a bottle from the top shelf. All of a sudden you feel a dizzy spell come over you, you find yourself leaning your palms against the bench and blinking your eyes.

Jai's pov:

As the boys carry on with the twitcam i jump over the back of the couch to check on (Y/N). Reaching the kitchen my eyes are set on her leant against the bench. "(Y/N) are you okay" i say worried running over to her, she looks up a bit dazed, "um yeah I'm fine, just a bit dizzy" she says confused, "all the shopping really took it out of me today" she giggles smiling a little, "are you sure you're okay" i say waiting for reassurance, "yes DAD" she mocks, "hey, I'm only doing it cause i love you okay" i laugh wrapping my arms around her tight, "yeah i know"

"I missed you today, a lot" I smirk down at her, "oh did you" she smiles back wrapping her arms around my waist still holding the water bottle. I nod my head smiling as i lean down my lips brushing against hers as our lips move in sync, i pull her tight into me as the kiss starts to get more passionate,

Your Pov:

"oi!" You and jai jump disconnecting your lips, "what have we told you guys about having sex in front of us, fuck!" James yells grabbing a water then walking out, "were not having sex dickhead!" Jai yells, "jai". "Talk about moment ruined" he laughs down at you, "ummmm, yeah" you smile, "i think im gonna take a nap, really worn out" you say kissing Jai's cheek, "ill come, still hungover" he says grabbing your hand. "Gonna take a nap guys" you say standing behind the couch with jai, you hug roni, "are you okay?" She whispers letting go of you, "roni, I'm fine just tired". "Okay, text me alright" she says sitting back down, "i will"

You and jai get to your room immediately falling on the bed as you lay on your side with your head on the pillow facing jai as he does the same, "so, did you have fun with the girls" he asks inter whining your hand by your side as you fight your fingers around each others. "Yeah, it was good" you say looking at your hands. "Thats good" he smiles at you. "Yeap" you say just wanting the convosation to end. "Go on tell me" he sighs.

"What?" You ask confused. "tell me how you're really feeling, cause i know you're not telling me something" he says getting more comfortable as he grips your hand tighter. "I told them." You blurt out, jai twists his eye brows confused, "i know we decided we weren't gonna tell anyone, but i felt like i had to vent" you shrug biting your lip.

"You know you can always talk to me, right?" Jai says brushing strands of hair behind your ear, "yeah i know, but---" "but what" jai interrupts

"But sometimes i need to talk to my girlfriends, not just you all the time jai" you say guilty but trying to defend yourself, "were going through this together (Y/N)" he says a little irritated. "Yes. But IM the one thats its happening to jai......." You say sitting up. "...... IM the one that has to take all this medicine, IM the one that has to have my body put through this not you okay" you say standing up pointing to him, you can feel a wave of emotions roll through your body, "hey hey hey" he says rushing up to you grabbing you tight.

A single drop soaks Jai's skin as you rest your chin on his shoulder. "I know" he whispers. "I almost wish i never said anything, to anyone. Cause i feel like I'm walking on egg shells with everybody that they're feeling sorry for me all the time and i font want that" you say looking up at him. "Its only me and the girls that know" jai interrupts

"Yeah, but what about when we tell the boys jai, i cant put them through that, i cant put myself through that. Only you guys know and you treat me like I'm dieing, i don't want to feel like that jai" you say shaking your head as he brushes his thumb against your cheek. "I feel like this is breaking us and were not even into it yet jai"

"Okay, so what do you want to do about it" he sighs. "I want to go on like nothing is wrong, i want us to be normal again, i don't want to have you worry about me every minute of the day" you whisper looking up at him.

"I know you only worry cause you love me, but i cant take it"

"Im sorry" he says looking down, "don't be sorry babe" you say lifting his chin, "just worry a little less okay" you smile

"Thanks giving in a few days and i don't want anything to ruin it" you say holding his waist.

Jai nods kissing the top of your head and pulling you into him

You feel better with everything out in the open, but you cant help but think what the road ahead has in store for you and jai through all of this.



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