Your Pov:

......... "Remember what i said (Y/N), Dont let her get to you" Mariam said grabbing your hand across the table. You just kept looking at your glass. "Why is she even doing it though, She knows you guys are together" Beau said looking over at them. "You tell me." You said quietly playing with your hands wrapped around your champange glass. Everyone just looked at you feeling sorry for you. "Well im not gonna sit here and mope all night, Im gonna give them a taste of their own medicine" You said grabbing your glass and walking away from the table.

"Wait, what do you mean" Skip yelled worried as you walked away. Everyone looked at each other worried as you walked to another table. You made you way over to a table, 2 guys. "Hey" you said walking up to them. "um hi" one of them smiled. "Im Nick and this is Ben" he said pointing to his friend. "Hi im (Y/N)" You smiled standing with them at the table. "So what brings you here?" Nick smiled. "Uh i came here with........ some friends" You looked over at jai quickly and then back to them. You could see the boys and mariam and gina looking at you worried from over at the other table.




You stayed around them most of the night, All you were trying to do was show jai what he had been doing to you all night. No matter how much you flirted and did what Kylie was doing to Jai he didnt even notice. Not once. You were only about a table or two away, and not once did he look over and see. As you were talking to them both you looked out of the corner of your eye every now and then to see if he was looking. You looked away and then your head shot back to look at Kylie and jai. She had her hand on his shoulder and was whispering in his ear.

You felt the tears building up inside you. "Im sorry i have to go" You interupted Nick as he was talking. You left the table and started to walk fast through all the people making your way to the exit. "(Y/N) wait!" you heard mariam yell. Mariam and the boys stood up to see what happpened. James and her started running after you through the crowd of people. "Excuse me" You heard them saying as they were quickly walking fast through the crowds of people and tables around.

You made it to the exit and got outside. Your back fell against the wall, You stood their slouched with your head in your hands letting the tears roll down your cheeks. "(Y/N)?!" mariam yelled as she got out the door with james turning her head to look. "Aw babe" James whispered running up to you against the wall. "I cant do it anymore, i tried" You sobbed kneeling with your back against the wall and your head in your hands still. "i know" he said lifting you up and wrapping his arms around your neck. "I cant believe her" mariam said rubbing your shoulder. "i dont wanna be here anymore" You say looking up at them letting go of james. "Okay we'll go home" James said grabbing your hand and starting to walk. "No" you said pulling them back.

"I cant go back there" You said looking at them both with tears rolling from your eyes. "Were else are you supposed to go" Mariam said confused. "I can take you to Veronicas?" James said waiting for your reply. You looked at the ground and nodded. "Okay, ill get the driver to come around, You two go wait around the front, i dont want you back here on your own" James said walking around to the pickup area.

Jais Pov:

You're standing at the table talking to Kylie. And shes starting to get a bit "Too friendly". You dont wanna be rude but its getting too much, You have a girlfriend. When you think of this you look over at the table and see (Y/N) isnt there anymore, Just the boys mum and ronnie. "Hey wheres (Y/N)?" You say quickly to them. "Okay were coming now" Daniel said hanging up his phone. "Exactaly, You didnt even realise Jai, The whole night!" Luke said giving you a death glare as they all started walking out. "Whats going on" You yell as theyre walking away. "Jai you're so thick you dont even realise what you're doing and thats the worst part!" Beau yelled back walking straight up to you. "Beau come on, lets go" Luke said holding him back. He shook his head at you and started walking out. "Wheres (Y/N)!" You yell getting worried at ronnie and mum. "Theyre gonna go take her some where, its alright" Mum said trying to calm you down.

"No its not alright mum! I wanna see (Y/N)", "Bro calm down, you're gonna make a scene, I'll take you guys home, okay" Ronnie said putting his hand on your shoulder........................

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