I miss you. Part #41
Jai's Pov:
As you were in the car you decided to make a tweet.
"@Jaibrooks1: heading back to Australia for a few days, be at L.A.X in an hour, if your around come and say hi! :) x" you pressed tweet and you knew there was no going back now. Immediately you got replies and you could see fans were suspicious cause they found out (Y/N) had gone home the day before.
"(R/T/N): Did you and (Y/N) break up?"
"Are you okay?"
"You finally left that bitch"
You felt your blood boil when fans said bad things about her, but also didn't want the ones that were sincerely concerned to worry, so you decided to justify yourself.
"@jaibrooks1: guys guys guys, me and my girl are fine, thanks for the concern tho:)." You tweeted it because you didnt feel it was right to let anyone know what was going on right now, at least until you see her.
With that you turned your phone off and looked out the window as you continued the drive to the airport.
About 45 minutes later you pulled into the busy airport. You wouldn't think it would be like this at 6 in the morning. You didn't think anything of it until you heard loud screams as you opened the door. "What the fuck" you whispered to yourself as you heard yelling from inside the airport. You stood at the car door baffled about what could be going on as the driver got your suitcase out. "Mr brooks" a man taped you on the shoulder. "Yes" you said confused as you turned around to face the man. He had a ear piece in and was in a black t shirt and black pants.
"Were L.A.X security were here to escort to through the airport" he said pointing at another few men behind. "I need security" you said confused. "It seems theres quite a lot of your fans here, and we don't want anyone in danger", "oh okay"
"Thank you" you smiled to the driver as you got your suitcase from him.
As you started to walk towards the doors the security stood around you. As soon as the doors opened screaming girls pushed against the metal fence tat they were behind. Holding out pictures phones and stuff for you to sign.
You made your way towards some and signed some stuff and took a few photos quickly as the security tried to keep you moving towards check in.
"Jaaaaiiiii!!!!" Everyone screamed
You waved as they quickly moved you to check in.
the guards waited by the gates for you to check in. "Hello" the check in lady smiled. "Hi", "1 to Australia please" you smiled placing your bag on the convaerbelt for her to tag. "Return?". You hadn't thought about this, you don't know how (Y/N) going to react, let alone how long you're gonna stay for. "One way please"
"Okay mr brooks, your flight leaves soon, you can make your way to the gate now" she smiled passing you your boarding pass.
You walked away with just your nike backpack on, headphones on and your boarding pass in your hands. The fans screamed your name as they saw you start to walk away, you waved as you walked through the gates. Making your way through the tunnel you reached the plane door, the flight attendant took your boarding pass looking for your seat. "Just down there sir" she signalled down the plane to first class. "Thanks."
You found your seat putting your backpack in the over head, and sitting down at the window seat, placing your head phones over your head.
Your Pov:
After breakfast you went back upstairs to your room. Laying down on your bed you felt the jet lag finally hit you, but you had to fight it. You pulled your laptop out from underneath the bed and clicked into youtube. As you scrolled through your subscriptions, there was one for the boys. It was the dare sundays you did with them. You felt you heart drop as you clicked on it.
Seeing you and jai so happy together made it just that much harder to forget what has happened these past few days and to move on from it.
You scrolled through the comments, "cant believe they broke up", "i miss (ship name) :("
It finally came to you that the fans think you've broken up since you've come home. You couldn't read it anymore. Its about 2 in the afternoon and you finally decide to give into the jet lag.
You lay your head down on the pillow and wrap the blanket on the end of your bed tight around you as you slowly close you eyes


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