I miss you. Part #49
Your Pov:
A smirk appeared on your lips as jai leaned in closer, he was inches away from your lips then BAM!, lifting your batter soaked hand up you smeared his face giggling, "ah! (Y/N)" jai laughed through the batter soaked on his skin. "What" you laughed smearing your hands across his face. "Stop!" He laughed grabbing your hands and throwing you over his shoulder. "Jai what are you doing stop!" You said holding on tight to his lower waist as he carried you to the bathroom.
He laughed setting you down on the bathroom tiles, " now clean this shit off me!" He laughed pointing to the pancake mix all over his face. "Fine", you ran a flannel under the warm water from the basin and squeezed it out walking back to jai as he sat on the toilet seat lid. You ran the flannel across his face gently, you could help but smile to yourself. This boy can make you smile over the most simple things, thats what makes you not able to ever let him go.
He sees you smiling as you run the cloth across his face and a blush spreads across his cheeks and a smile on his lips. Jai stands up and takes the cloth from you. Running it under the water again he comes back to you, standing right in front of you as the cloth touches you skin wiping away the batter.
He brushes a piece of hair behind your ear smiling down at you. You catch your self in the moment again, "come on, lets go watch a movie" you whisper smiling before he can go any further, you see a smile appear on his lips again and a sigh as you walk back to the lounge with him following behind
"You set up the movie ill get the pancakes, if theres any!" You give him a death glare, "hey you did it too" he laughed throwing his hands up sitting down on the couch. You grabbed the pancakes putting them on a plate then sitting next to jai under the blanket.
Jai's Pov:
Ive been trying with (Y/N) all night! Whenever i try to make a move she seems to find something to change the subject, or cover me in batter'. I dont blame her for wanting to take things slow, but i just miss being able to kiss her when ever i want. I think im just gonna have to make my move, soon.
Your Pov:
"21 jump street, geez what a surprise" you smirk sarcastically, " can you blame me" jai laughs pressing play on the laptop.
"Can i?" Jai asks lifting his arm, you smile at him lightly nodding your head as he gently wraps his arm around your shoulder pulling you closer so you can see the laptop.
Its about half way through the movie, you've noticed jai looking down and smiling at you out of the corner of your eye every once in a while, you cant help but smile but you try your best for him not to notice. "(Y/N)" jai says quietly breaking your eyes off the laptop as you look up at him, "yeah?". " thank you" he simply says.
"For what?", "for giving me another chance, for wanting to work things out" he says looking down at you. "Jai, i always knew we were gonna work things out, you mean a lot to me" you said giving him a small smile.
"Honestly, i don't know what id do if i lost you, i couldn't live with myself".
"Me neither" you smiled. He gently lifted your chin with his thumb. You knew you couldn't run from this anymore, you almost didn't want to anyway.
Jai slowly leant down placing a gentle long kiss on your lips, you both smiled through the end of the kiss, "i missed you" he smiled brushing a piece of hair behind your ear. "I missed you too jai".
A little while later the movie finished. You and jai stood up from the couch carrying the dishes back yo the kitchen. You were scrubbing the plate in the sink, you felt strong arms wrap around your waist gently and Jai's chin rest on your shoulder.
You heart started to beat fast and you smiled down in front of you. Theres no where else you'd rather be than right here, right now.

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