Your Pov:

You both sat there nervously on the edge of your seats squeezing each others hand. The doctor kept his eyes on the board in his hands, his long pause wasn't helping your anxiety,at all.

You felt your hand start to shake in Jai's as the doctor looked up at you both. "(Y/N), the damage in your stomach area is in quite a bad way, potentially severe.....". You chest started to beat faster out of your chest with every word that came out of his mouth. "Potentially?" Jai spat out. "You can be cured with antibiotics, but it could take a while" he continued speaking calmly. "How long?".

"A few months, depending on when you decide to start". "Can we start right now, where so i get the medicine" jai spat out in one breath getting agitated. "Jai" you whisper holding your hand on his arm. "I can get the antibiotics as soon as possible, but (Y/N) this needs to be taken very seriously" he said looking at you both. "This could affect your chances of having children later on if we don't treat this straight away", as soon as those word came out of his mouth you felt your heart hit the ground.

You didn't know what to say you just sat there with a blank expression as he continued to explain. But you felt yourself zoning out as he continued to talk. One day there could be no option to say yes to having children, you wouldn't even have a choice. Thats if you don't get better.

"I wanna do the antibiotics" you said stopping the doctor from talking. Jai looked over at you.

"Okay, we can head back out to the waiting room and ill get your prescription" he said lightly smiling at you as you both got up from your seat.


You waited in the reception for a bit for him to fill out the form. "Just head over to the pharmacy next door and they'll have it ready for you" he smiled passing you the paper. "Thank you".

"Thanks" jai smiled shaking his hand. "You take care of her alright" the doctor pointed to you. "I will" jai laughed

You walked next door walking around the pharmacy with jai waiting for your name to be called. Looking at the products on the shelves. "(Y/N) (Y/L/N)", you turned around to see the pharmacist in a white coat holding up a bag looking around. "Yeah" you said walking over to her with jai following behind.

She pulled one of the items out of the bag, "okay, these need to be taken twice a day, one in the morning one at night", you nodded as she placed it back in and pulled out another. "This one is a shot" she said holding it up to you. "A shot" you said nervously.

"Yeah, just above the hip every second day, you might someone to help you with it though", "and lastly just a liquid after you take the tablets" she smiled putting the bottle in the bag.

You both walked to the counter, payed for it passing her the money. "Have a nice day" she smiled passing over the bag. "You too".

You and jai made your way out the doors hopping back in the car. It seemed like as soon as you both sat on those seats you let out a simultaneous sigh. You head rested against the back of the seat as you looked up at the roof in the car. "You okay?" Jai asked cautiously, rubbing your thigh gently. You slowly move your head to face him holding his hand on your thigh, "i will be" you whisper giving him a small smile. A smile spreads across his lips as he lifts up your hand kissing the back of it gently as you smile at him.


About 20 minutes later you pull down the long driveway jai stopping the car and putting it in park. You lift your bag up of the ground putting it in your lap and putting the pharmacy bag into your handbag. You see jai give you a weird look. "I don't really wanna tell the boys right now, i don't wanna scare them. You guys have got so much going on right now its just not the right time" you whisper grabbing Jai's hand. "Babe, you know they'd never think of you like that" he says resting his head against the seat. "I know, we'll tell them soon, just not right now, okay". "If thats what you want babe" he says giving you a small smile across the chair.

You both open your door getting out of the car, inter whining your hands as you walk towards the house. Walking in you can hear the boys messing around out by the pool. "Here goes nothing" you sigh.

"Look mummy and daddy are home!" Skip screams in a baby voice. As all the boys break out in laughter. "What are you guys up to?" You laugh putting your bag on the table by the pool. "Hanging out" Luke shrugs strumming his guitar. "How was your appointment" James asks sitting down at the table. You and jai look at each other out of the corner of your eyes. "Yeah fine" you lie trying to smile, breaking the silence. "Party tonight?" Beau asks jumping up and down.

You can see jai isn't too happy about it. "Um, yeah you guys go for it, ill help out, but i think I'm gonna take it easy tonight" you laugh a little. "Yaaay" the boys scream running inside. "Babe you don't have to do this" jai says sternly. "Jai its your guys' house, what am i gonna do tell them not to have a party" you smile raising your eyebrows. "Don't feel pressured like you have to party" he says rubbing your shoulder. "Stop worrying" you smile kissing him on the lips. "Im gonna help the boys" you say getting up kissing him again quickly.

Jai's Pov:

I cant believe everything's that happened today. Its barley even night and i cant believe the amount of stuff that we've had to process. Being in that doctors office this morning, having to listen to what he had to say was honestly one if the hardest things I've ever had to do. To hear that the person that you love more than anything isn't well, and could jeprodice having a family if its not taken care of properly crushes. I cant imagine not ever having children with her one day

I just wanted the boys to take it easy tonight cause everything that (Y/N) went through today. But its kinda hard to do that when i cant tell them whats going on. This may be harder than i thought.........

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