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Your Pov:

Its about 9:15am you and jai have just been hanging out in the lounge on twitter waiting for the driver. "What do you think its gonna be like" you ask looking straight ahead, jai has his arm around your shoulder sitting on the couch.

"What?" He asks frowning his eyebrows. You look up at him, "when we get back to L.A, do you think its gonna be different" you say looking ahead of you again, "nah i don't think so, well we'll be stronger thats for sure" jai laughs. "Yeah you're probably right".

Just then you both hear a beep outside, you and jai look up at each other. "Ready for this?" Jai smiles. You nod your head as he helps pull you up off the couch.

Walking to the front door you and jai roll your suitcases out, "let me take those for you" the driver smiles taking your suitcases, jai locks the front door putting his nike backpack on.

The driver walks to the boot putting your bags in as you keep your handbag with you and jai keeps his backpack on the floor beside him.

"L.A.X please" jai smiles to the driver in the rearview mirror,

As he starts the engine jai grabs your hand across the seat smiling at you as he back out of the drive.


-Arriving at the airport-

The driver pulls up to the drop off area putting the car in park he comes around to your door helping you out, "thanks" you smile steeping onto the concrete.

Jai slides across the chair getting out behind you. You collect your bags thanking the driver, you and jai intertwine your hands walking through the doors. Before going to check in you take a quick Instagram picture "@(Y/IG/N): Cali here we come! http://weheartit.com/entry/79967903/via/nora9229 "

Going straight to check in you both place you bags on the checkin belt. "2 tickets for L.A please,", ..."one way" he smiles down at you placing his arm around your shoulder.

"Ah young love" the check in lady laughs, you and jai smile. "Your flight leaves in 2 hours" she smiles passing jai the tickets and taking your suitcases leaving you with your handbag and jai with his back pack. "Thanks" you both say walking out of check in. "Wanna get some breakfast" jai asks with his arm around you.

"Sure" you smile as you walk towards the shopping bit

You and jai walked around for a while then sat down at 'muffin Break'. You got a orange juice and a omelette, and jai got a coffee and bacon and eggs. "Good?" He asks taking the fork out of his mouth. "Yeah its really good". Truth is, you feel like your having a hard time keeping it down, like its gonna come back up any second. You try your best by taking a sip of your orange juice. "Babe are you okay, you don't look so good" jai says concerned putting his hand on yours. "I-i-, ill be back in a minute" you say grabbing your bag off the floor and running to the bathroom.

Jai Pov:

(Y/N) doesn't look so good, I'm starting to get worried. All of a sudden she runs from the table towards the bathrooms. Instantly jump up from the table throwing a $20 dollar bill on the table and run after her.

As i reach the bathrooms i cautiously open the door, "hello, any one in here" i call through the bathroom. You know its a women's bathroom so i shouldn't really be in here. Just then i hear heaving coming from the last stall, my instincts hit me and i run to the end of the bathroom. "Babe?" I say worried pushing back the door. (Y/N) is bent over the toilet spewing up her guts. "Babe" i whisper grabbing her hair behind and rubbing her back. "What happened" i ask kneeling beside her.

Your Pov:

"I-i-i think i just ate something bad" you say standing up from the toilet. "Whoa whoa are you sure you're okay" jai says protectively. "Jai I'm fine" you say walking over to the taps rinsing out your mouth. "No are you sure you wanna be on a plane for how many hours when your feeling sick" he asks again. "Jai ill be fine" you laugh gripping his shoulders.

"Now lets go, we don't wanna miss our flight" you say dragging him out of the bathroom. Just as you reach for the door an older woman walks in, in shock walking past you to the stalls. Jai try's to explain but no words come out, you pull him out of the bathroom trying to hold in your laughter.

"Why are you laughing, she probably thought we were doing the nasty!" Jai says raising his eye brows, "yeah like you'd care, no she didn't" you laugh gripping his arm as you walk towards the gates......

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