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Jais Pov:

We've been really busy in L.A these past few weeks promoting "Janoskians" and planning some stuff for the fans. We've met lots of cool people and have been staying in this amazing house with jacob, Ronnie and now Mariam too. But i cant help but feel jealous when i see ronnie and mariam together and think that me could be me and (Y/N) right now. We just came home from an interview with awesomeness t.v and it seems like every interview they find a way to remind me or ask questions about how much im mising (Y/N), i just wish there was some way to get her out here.

Your Pov:

Todays the day. I've been tossing and turning all night not being able to sleep with all the excitement!. Its 6:00am i bet my alarm to the terrifying sound this morning and skip over to my bathroom to get ready. I turn the shower on and let the hot steam fill the room for a minute before i get in, i wash my hair with my citrus shampoo and conditioner, shave and then wrap myself in a white fluffy towel and walk back through to my room. I laid out some clothes last night so i wouldnt stress out about finding something to wear and tear my room apart .......again.

Since the flight was quite long, i wanted to be comfortable, so i picked out a long summery lime green maxi dress, a black cardi on top and just some simple black havaianas. I went and sat down at my make-up table, i decided to just do some simple make up, just a bit of foundation, blush and mascara cause i know jai hates it when i wear too much make up. I decided it was probably a good idea to wear waterproof, you know, just incase the water works start up when i see him!. Next i did my hair, all i did was blowdry and quickly run the straightner through, i didnt want to do anything dramatic, so i just let my long brown hair cascade down shoulders and hit just after my waist.

After id finished doing that i got a text from gina. Gina was going to come to L.A with me as she hasnt seen the boys for a while, and she didnt really want me to go on my own.

Gina : "Hey sweetheart, how you doin? almost finished getting ready?

Me: "hey, good, really excited, but getting pretty nervous now:(

Gina: aw babe dont be nervous! hes gonna be so happy to see you!, im gonna finish getting ready, ill be over soon to pick you up

Me: yeah i know i cant help it tho:( okay see you soon:)

Ever since you and jai had been dating you and gina had always been close, just like she was your second mother.

Gina wouldnt be here for a bit longer so since you have everything ready you decided to go on youtube for a while. You clicked on the awesomeness tv channel and saw there was a new interview with the boys, You clicked on the link and waited nervously for the video to come up.

*watching interview*

Interviewer: "Hey everyone! and today we have comedy group, THE JANOSKIANS WITH Us!"

Everyone in the auidenece cheered and clapped

Interviewer: "Okay boys so you've been in L.A for a while now doing some work for the fans, it must be hard being away from all your family and friends for this long now huh?"

Beau looked around at the boys and answered for all of them."Yeah its been really difficult not seeing them everyday, But we're doing this for the fans, so in the end it'll all be worth it" Beau replies with a smile

While youre watching you look at all the boys sitting on the couch talking and you cant help but notice that jai is just looking at the ground, hes not usually this quite.

Interviewer: "And jai it must be hard for you being away from you girlfriend (Y/N) for this long now, how are you two going?"

jai takes a moment to reply, then takes a deep breath.

Jai: " Yeah its been really hard being away from her, we always make it work though but id give anything for her to be here right now. But being away in the end will all be worth it cause the fans will get some new stuff from us, and ill finally get to hold her again" he says with a smile and looks at the camera

The boys all laugh and make a "WHippppsshh" noise, jai just shakes his head and smiles at the floor. You cant help but laugh.

All the girls in the auidience make a unicent "awwww". You smile at jai through your laptop thinking about being in his arms in less than 15 hours!!. After a few more questions the interview ends and you shut your laptop lid.

You hear your mum shout "(Y/N), Gina's here!", you smile to yourself pick up your hand bag and a suitcase. Your dad comes in the room to help you carry your bags "Thanks dad" you give him a quick smile and you both walk down the stairs with bags in each hand.

"well, i guess this is it" you whisper to yourself at the bottom of the stairs

A/N: Hey guys! hope you like this part, getting more exciting now! (finally!) lol, tell me what you think, suggestions and if you want part 4 today as well!:)

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