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I miss you. Part #31

Your Pov:

......As you rolled your suitcases down the stairs behind you you heard the driver outside beep.

Reaching the the bottom of the stairs, You picked up your hand bag off the ground and looked around you as a tear fell from your eyes. You pulled your suitcases out the front door as the driver in a black tux came and took them from you. You gave him a quick smile as he started to roll them towards the black car. You pulled the front door shut putting the key in the door and hearing the "click" sound as it locked you squezzed your eyes shut.

Pulling the key back out you held it in your hand and rubbed your fingers softly over it and a tear dripped onto your white shirt. You kissed it softly and placed it back under the pot plant.

Walking over to the car,The driver was standing at the back door holding it open for you. You gave him a small smile geting into the back of the leather seats, He shut the door once you were in. "Where to ma'am?" He asked sitting in his seat looking at you in the rear view mirror. "L.A.X please" You said quietly. The car engine started and tears started to flow as he pulled up the step driveway. As the car moved you turned around to look out the back window. Seeing the house disapear as you got further up the driveway, Until it was out of sight. He turned on the indicator and you pulled into the street. You looked at the ring on middle finger as a tear slipped from your eye you looked out the window at the passing trees and traffic as you drove along the road.

Jais Pov:

Ronis house wasnt very far from the gym. You ran all the way without stopping. Running past people walking the streets and running through traffic.

You knew the boys were gonna follow you. As they left they jumped into the car knowing that youd be going there.

You made it to Veronicas street and sprinted all the way to her apartment. As you entered the apartment block you clicked the elevator button vigerously. Feeling like it was taking forever to reach you. "Fuck this!" You yell and run towards the stairwell and start running up it.



You make it to ronis floor, out of breath and running on adrenaline. Running down the hallway looked for her apratment number at every door, Then you see it. You start pounding on the door with your fist constantly. "Roni! Open up, its jai!" you yell at the door continuing to hit it.

She swings the door open in shock. "jai what a--" Before she can finsh you rush into her apartment running around looking for (Y/N). "(Y/N). (Y/N)!!!" You scream running through every room. "Jai shes not here" Roni yells from the lounge. "Where is she!" You scream coming into the lounge. Before she can say anything the boys rush through the front door out of breath. "Jai!" They yell. "What!".

"We'll go have a look at home, Calm down" Beau says grabbing a hold of your shoulder. "Is she there?" You say demandingly. "Jai, we'll have a looK" He says like hes hiding something. You and the boys except james walk out of the room.

James gives roni a look of question And she just shakes her head, knowing that he wanted to know if (Y/N) was there.....


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