Your Pov:


After a ten minute drive Roni pulled up to the top of the driveway on the street, Parking on the curb. "Do you want me to come in and help" She said giving you a sympathetic smile. "Thanks roni, i think i need to do this on my own though" I said giving her a small smile. "Okay, well, im gonna miss you!" She said pouting. "Aw im gonna miss you too, I'll call you at the airport or when i get home tho okay" I said pulling her into a hug across you seat. "okay, have a safe flight" She said as you opened your door. "I will" I smiled shutting the car door.

She put on her indicator and started to pull away, I waved as she turned into the traffic and continued until her car was out of sight.

slowly turning around i took a deep breath. Looking at the steep driveway you started to walk down. Just being back here brought back the time jai and i have spent together and even times with the boys. They werent all bad, 90% of the time here was good. Its bearly been 24 hours without seeing jai, and I'm already missing him holding you.

I made it to the bottom of the long steep driveway and lifted up the pot plant that had the key under it near the door. Slowly turning the key i heard the lock *unclick* as i turned the handle. I carefully dropped my bag near the front door and took in a deep breath.

Silence. Nobody was home. Just me and everything in there. All the memories started to flood back as i took steps up the staircase. Then came towards the bedroom door. I turned the handle. As my eyes scanned the room jais stuff was thrown all over the room, the balcony doors were wide open, beer bottles out on the balcony and the bed was a mess. Instantly i knew he had a hard night knowing i wasn't there. I felt my lip start to quiver as i visualised what he went through last night, just as well as i did. But i knew i had to do this, for me, and jai.

I walked into the bathroom, stepping over the belongings strewen all over the carpet. I walked towards the vanity and started to put all my toiletries and makeup back into my black leather make up bag.

Walking towards the bed i pulled out my suitcase throwing the make up bag inside it. I decided to get changed, quickly changed into this and threw on some black havianas with it, so i was comfortable for the flight. Walking back to the dresser, I started to pull out all my clothes and bring them to the suitcase. As i stuffed them in i slouched over my suitcase, my arms holding up my body weight and felt a tear fall from my cheek and hit the clothes that id thrown in.

I tried my best to pull it together so i could focus, but it was just not gonna happen. continuing stuffing in all my clothes and shoes into my 2 black suitcases, until there was one thing left on the dresser.

The promise ring.

I held it in the palm of my hand and ran my fingers over it lightly as tears started to hit my skin. Even though i thought about it, There was no way i could leave it behind. I slowly paced it in my pocket and then wiped my face looking in the full length mirror next to the dresser. I pulled the hair tie off around my wrist and threw my hair into a high messy pony.

Taking one last look around the room, i walked out to the balcony and held onto the rail.

lowering my head as i saw the sun setting over the 'Hollywood' sign and on the City. Thinking about how me and jai would always come out here together and just watch the sun set or rise. I held my face and sobbed.

Jais Pov:

Me and the boys have been at the gym of about an hour now and the whole time ive just been taking my frustration and anger out on the punching bag. Constantly smashing my fists into it, The backlash sound filling the whole gym everytime i took a hit to it. The boys keep looking over at me, "Jai take it easy" James says putting his hand on my shoulder a bit worried. Your breathing is heavy, red faced, as i step away and take a seat on the bench. I take a sip of my drink bottle as the boys come and sit around. "so, feelin a bit better?" Beau asks taking a sip standing in front of me. You just look up at him and shrug. "can you guys please just tell me where (Y/N) is staying, Please" I beg calmly looking at every single one of the at a time. They all look at each other.

"She was at Ronis" Skip says slowly looking up at you. "What do you mean WAS" i say emphisising the 'was' standing up from the bench. They all look at each other not wanting to say anything. "Ill find out my self then" i say dropping my water bottle and sprinting to the exit. "Jai wait!" Luke yells. "We have to go after him" James yells at them as they start to run out too.

Your Pov:

I wiped you face one last time and slowly walked inside. As i got towards the bed, i reached into my back pocket.

The letter. With jais name written on the front, A tear fell dropping on the white piece of paper. I looked at it and kissed it.

I cleaned up the bed and placed it neatly on the throw on the end of the bed. Grabbing my suitcase handle i looked around the room and opened the bedroom door, rolling my suitcases behind me .....


Hope you liked this, tried to make this one a bit longer

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