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Your Pov:

........You looked up from your plate to them. "I need some space" You whispered trying not to cry. "You can still stay at mine for a bit" Roni smiled putting her hand on your shoulder. "Thanks roni, But i need alot of space" You said trying to make sense, but they all just looked at you confused. You took a deep breath and looked up at them. "Im going home guys" You said letting a tear fall down your cheek. "What" James said looking at you with disbelief. "You cant leave (Y/N), we need you here" Beau said. "Yeah you cant leave us now" Skip said joining in. "I love you guys, but i need to go home. I cant deal with all of this right now. and if i stay things are only gonna get worse" You said with your hands in your lap and a tear fell onto your thigh.

"I just need to clear my head and figure out what i really need", "What, without jai?" Luke said worried putting down his glass. Hearing his name made it even worse. "No, i love him with all my heart luke, but i just need some time away, this town hasnt done any good for me and him so far" You said trying to pull it together. "When are you leaving?" Mariam said trying not to be emotional too. "Tonight." You said waiting for their reactions. "What!" Beau said in shock.

"Are you gonna tell jai about this" Roni asked. "I cant face him right now, seeing him will just make me want to stay, and i need to get away for a while, but i was gonna write him a letter". "I was wondering if you guys could take him out today, So i could get my stuff?" You said trying not to face them as more tears started to fall from your eyes thinking about leaving. "Yeah we'll figure something out (Y/N)" James said reaching over and giving you a hug. "Thanks guys" You said giving them a small smile. "We should get back home, we'll take him out somewhere, gym or something" Luke said. "Lets go back to mine, and wait for them to text huh?" Roni said giving you a apoligetic smile. You nodded and all started to push your chairs in.

You made it to the cark park, "I dont know if i'll see you guys before i leave" You said looking at them all including mariam standing in front of you. "i just wanted to thank you guys", "for what?" They all said. "You guys have been there throught everything these past few days, and i dont know what i would've done without you guys" You said smiling as your eyes got a little glassy. "aw (Y/N), we all love you, we'll always be here for you" Mariam smiled giving you a hug. "Yeah" Luke said hugging both of you.

"GANG BANG!" Beau yelled and they all joined in a group hug with you squished in the middle. "I love you guys" You laughed as they let go. "We're gonna miss you (Y/N)" Skip smiled. "Im gonna miss you guys too" You smiled. "We'll call you later on, when youre at the airport, okay" Beau said giving you one last hug. You nodded. "Bye guys" You waved blowing them a kiss as you got in the car with roni. You saw them waving as you pulled away, Still waving as you could see in the rear view mirror. Until you turned the corner and they were gone.

Jais Pov:

You feel lost in your own house. Pacing around all morning, You need to get out of here take your mind off everything. As your in the kitchen the front door slams shut. "Jai?" You hear the boys yell. "In here" You say quietly. "Wanna go gym?" Luke asks as all the boys stand around the counter. "I dont know" You say finishing making your sandwhich. "I thought you guys werent talking to me" You say trying not to look at them. "Look jai, as much as we dont agree with what went on last night, You're our bro, and were here for you. just as well as (Y/N)" Beau said patting you on the shoulder. "I guess it could get my mind off things" You say looking at them. "Get dressed and we'll go" James said.



You put on your trainers and headphones and headed downstairs to the car and jumped in.

Your Pov:

You and Veronica were sitting on the couch flicking through the channels. "Nope, nope , nope" Roni said changing every channel. Then it landed on E! and you'd never guess what was on, 'Keeping up with the kardashians'. "Definatly not" Roni said looking at you and giggling a little. You smiled. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and pulled it out.

James: At gym, you can go in now, key under the pot plant:)" He texted

You: Thanks:)

"Want me to take you?" Roni asked. "Yes please" You said trying to give a small smile. You both headed down the elevator and got in the car.....

Hope you liked this chapter

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