I miss you. Part #43
Your Pov:
Its about 9:30pm everyone arrived home awhile ago but you're still feeling a bit sick so you didn't eat much dinner, hopefully its just jet lag.
Everyones headed off to bed but You're upstairs flicking through the channels while you lay in bed.
*knock knock*
"Come in" you say turning down the volume on your tv and sitting up against the head board.
"Hey" your mum says quietly popping her head around the door, "can i come in" she asks. You nod your head and she sits next yo you on the bed.
"Whats up?" You smile. You see your mum take a deep breath. "Since you got home I've noticed that you haven't been yourself" she says looking at you. Immediately your heart drops. "Mum I'm fine" you say trying to change the subject as you look down at your hands.
"No you're not (Y/N) you're not eating, sleeping, I've known you for 17 years i know when somethings wrong sweetheart" she says comfortingly. You just fiddle with your hands biting your lip.
"Has something happened with you and jai" she says putting her hand on your shoulder. You look up at her with glassy eyes. Taking a deep breath you get ready, you figure its finally time to explain yourself. "A few nights ago at the premiere--" your mum holds your hand tight. "---there was this girl all over jai" you say, "oh sweet heart" she says shocked.
"He didn't do anything about it though" you shrug, "-and i was right there" you say as a single tear falls from your eye. "That li--", "mum he didn't know" you say cutting her off
"Ugh i cant do this!" You say calming down wiping your face. "Do what?". "Cry over this anymore, thats all ive been doing" you say wiping the last of your face and taking a deep breath. "You're a very strong young lady (Y/N) " your mum smiles rubbing your arm.
"Just like you" you smile. A huge smile spreads across her face and she pulls you into a hug. "Night darling" she smiles walking towards your bedroom door.
"Mum" you say stopping her before she can shut it, "yeah?". "Can you not tell dad about this, please?" You ask hopefully.
She nods her head smiling as she shuts the door. You take a deep breath getting comfy in your bed again turning the volume back up on your tv as the lights beam off the walls from the tv
Jai's Pov:
The plane has just landed and I'm in baggage claim waiting for my suitcase. As I'm waiting i decide to make a tweet
"@Jaibrooks1: landed safety:) missed this Aussie weather, even though its 1:45am:/ lol"
Just as i put my phone back in my pocket i saw my bag come around the conveyer belt, picking it up i started to make my way out of the airport.
Luckily there wasn't any fans, well it is 1:45 in the morning. I made my way out the doors, as i the humid weather hits me i see a man holding up my name next to a black town car. "Jai brooks" the man asks.
I nod my head and shake his hand.
He puts your bags in the boot and you get in the back seat. "Where to sir?", "Glenroy please"
As the engine starts my heart starts to beat faster. In a matter of time hopefully ill have my girl back in my arms. Hopefully.

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