i miss you. Part #7

Your Pov:

You, jai and the rest of the boys were getting ready to go explore L.A. You decided not to get too dressed up, You rumaged through your suitcase throwing clothes all over jais floor to look for something. "woah, you didnt waste much time!" he said looking at the mess you made laughing. You choose some white crotche lacy shorts, A plain baby blue crop top and your black vans. Your hair was just left in its natural waves and only some mascara and foundation for your make up. You came out of the bathroom that was in jais room, he was sitting on the end of the bed on his phone waiting."wow babe, you look beautiful" jai said looking up from his phone smiling at you. "thanks" you said blushing looking at the ground. Jai started to walk over to you, "we better go, those dickhead are probably waiting for us" he said winking at you, he gave you a quick peck, grabbed your hand and you too walked downstairs together.

Jais pov:

"Finally!" skip sighed standing with the other boys waiting at the bottom of the staircase for you. "Now come on, baby daniel needs some late night ice-cream!" he said in a girly voice and flipped his hair walking out the door. We all just looked at each other and started bursting out laughing walking to the van outside. You all piled in the van, jacob driving, luke in the passenger seat, You and jai in the second row, then beau, james and daniel in the back. "so where are we going?" (Y/N) asked. "i think were just gonna walk around and show you a few places" You said looking into her eyes and squeezing her hand resting on your thigh.

You all made it to the shopping district in L.A. You walked around for a bit showing (Y/N) the shops around the area and the movie thether. A group of fans you could see walking towards you quickly with their pens and phones at the ready, you squeezed (Y/N) hand tight to see if she was okay and she looked up and smiled at you. You know shes not quite used to being stopped by fans still so you wanted to make sure she was alright.

"JAI" "LUKE" "JAMES" "BEAU" "SKIP" the group of girls screamed jogging up to you all with their hands over their mouths. "Hey girls" beau smiled giving some of them a hug. The boys talked to them for a while and took some pictures. "(Y/N)!" a fan came up behind you and jai holding hands still. "I love you guys so much!, youre so cute together!" she screamed in your faces. "Thanks" you and jai said,jai putting his hand around your waist. "can i get a picture with both of you?" she asked with still a shocked expression on her face. "of Course!" jai smiled at her, "are you sure you want me in it? i can just take the picture for you if you want" (Y/N) said a bit taken back that a fan wanted a picture with her aswell. "No i want both of you in it" the fan smiled putting her arm out for (Y/N) to get in too, "okay then" (Y/N) giggled. "okay, 1 -2 -3" her friend took the picture of all 3 of you together. "thank you guys so much!" the fan said smiling looking at the photo on her phone. "no problem" (Y/N) said smiling at her. The fan gave both you and (Y/N) a hug, soon the fans started walking away again, and we started walking along the street more. "ice-cream" all the boys yelled once they all saw the floresent icecream sign at the next shop. You and jai just rolled you eyes at each other and giggled.

Your Pov:

"umm, i have the regular chocolate and vanilla please" you said to the man serving you at the ice-cream shop. You all ordered your ice-cream and walked out, "Thank you" you said waving to the man that served you. He gave you a smile and waved back. At this point its about 7:30pm, its already pretty dark out, but the shops are open late so you all keep on exploring. You reached the mall, the boys saw a mens clothing shop, "we're just gonna go in here quickly, you gonna come?" jai said pointing at the store. "im alright, im just gonna go in that jewllery store across there" you said pointing to the shop oppistie. "okay" jai said pecking you on the lips.

You walked into the jewllery store, Yours and jais 2 year anniversary was in a week and you wanted to get something that really meant something to him. You were looking along the jewllery cabnets, all the silver diamonds shining up into your eyes. "can i help you sweetheart" an older lady said behind the counter. "yes actually, it my boyfriend and i's 2 year anniversary next week and i really wanted to get something special for him" you said looking around the cabnets smiling. "do you have any black and silver dog tags' here, i saw some in a store back home, but im not sure if you have them here?" you said smiling at the lady whos name tag red 'Jenny'. You know jai has always wanted 'dog tags' but you wanted to make it special by getting something engraved on them for him. "yes, we do right over here" she said pointing to the cabnet across the store, you both walked over. "now, are you looking to keep them as is, or get something engraved on the back" she said pulling them out of the cabnet and showing them to you. "um, i want to get a message put on the back i think" you said smiling looking down at the tags. "no problem, you can just write your note down on here and they'll be done for you by tomorrow" she said handing you a piece of paper. "Thank you" you said taking the paper from her.

"Even were apart jai, you'll always have me with you now, Now and forever. I love you so much, Happy 2 year anniversary babe

Love (Y/N)"

"Okay" you said handing the paper back to the lady. "thats a very sweet message" she said smiling at you. "thank you" you giggled. "okay (Y/N), the tags will be engraved and ready for you to pick up tomorrow morning" she said holding the tags and message in her hands. "Thank you very much" you said giving her a huge smile walking out of the shop giving a quick wave. Just then the boys were coming out of the clothing store as well. "have fun babe" jai giggled putting his arm around your shoulder walking out of the shopping mall with the rest of the boys too. "hey me and the boys were thinking" jai said looking down at you, "oh god" you said sarcastically "Hey! shut up" jai laughed, "we were thinking we could do a twitcam with all of us when we get home?" jai asked looking down at you with his arm still around you. "Sure" you smiled standing up on your tippy toes to kiss his cheek, he blushed a little with a smile on his face.

You all started making your way back to the house...................................

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