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I miss you. Part #13

Jai Pov:

I ran upstairs to our bedroom and started to get ready, (Y/N) would be home in about 1 hr and 1/2 so i decided to take a shower. I walked into the bathroom and let the hot steam from the shower fill the room before getting in, i quickly washed my body and my face and then got out. I walked over to the mirror and wiped the steam off it so i could see, i brushed my teeth and put some gel through my hair. I had the white fluffy towel wrapped around my lower half and walked back through to the dresser, i picked out some dark blue denim jeans and black under shirt and a black button up over the top with the sleeves rolled up and just the last few buttons done up. I sprayed some cologne and headed back down stairs. I walk in the kitchen and see all the boys in pink aprons with frills, they Didn't notice me there until i start gagging laughing, "having fun my bitches" you smirk at them, "daniel made us wear them shut the fuck up" Beau glared at you, " they're pretty!" daniel said in a girl voice twirling around, you all rolled your eyes chuckling. "Do you know when (Y/N) is gonna be here" James said turning around to face you, "No ill just text here now" you say getting your phone out of your back pocket.

Your Pov:

You, Gina and Mariam were walking around the shopping mall making you way back to the car, you were walking in the middle of them,"Thanks for taking me out this morning, i had alot of fun" you said putting your arms around their shoulders. "Had a great time too, didn't think it would turn out to be an all day outing though" gina laughed, "You excited to get home?" Mariam smirked at you. "Yes!, Pretty worried about what he has planned though" you giggled looking down at the ground, " im sure he has something special planned" gina replied, just then you got a text from jai.

Jai: "Hey babe, You gonna be home soon?x

You: " yeah sorry we got a bit carried away shopping:/ lol be home in 20:)<3

Jai: " i can tell lol okay see you soon x

You all made it back to the car and hopped in Mariam driving, you in the passenger seat and gina in the back.

Jais Pov:

I put my phone back into my pocket, "boys she's gonna be here in 20, are you all most done?" you said in a bit of a panic walking over to them. "yeah were pretty much done" daniel replied. "okay cool im gonna finish with the flowers" you said walking over to the counter and picking up the rose petal box. You walked to the front door and scattered them from there leading a path way all the way to where you were gonna be sitting outside. You finished scattering the flowers, turned on some soft music and lit all the candles that were set out all around the flowers and the ones outside, it was pretty late now and the sun was just about to set. You grabbed (Y/N) flowers and her promise ring that was in the box down from the cabinet, You walked outside and stood by the table holding the flowers with the box in your pocket. The boys set up a divider so when she came past she didn't know what was going on.

You stood there holding the flowers in your arms and sighed anxiously. Then you heard the car pull into the drive way and the door slam shut, you heard the sound of their shoes on the concrete getting closer and closer to the front door.

Then the door handle turned.........................

A/N: MUHAHAHAHA cliff hanger;) sorry! hahahah

Hope you liked this chapter <3 , keep sending me requests for you or suggestions for the fan fic and ill put them in somewhere<33 Love you:) xx

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