I miss you. Part #47 

Jai's Pov: 

I sat at the table in the cafe tapping my foot on the ground and fiddling with my fingers as i waited for (Y/N) arrive. 

As every minute went by i pulled out my phone thinking that she'd changed her mind.  

Your Pov: 

You parked the car grabbing your bag off the passengers seat and stepping out. locking the door taking a deep breath as you walked towards the cafe'.  

As you made your way around the corner you could see jai sitting by the window inside, you took another deep breath as you pulled the door open walking towards where jai was. As soon as he heard the door open his head shot up to you. Standing up from his chair as you walked towards him, "hey" he said hugging you with arm around you, "hey" you said trying to not make things awkward "you look beautiful" he said as you both sat down, "thanks jai" you said putting your bag on the ground beside you chair. 

"I thought you weren't coming to be honest" he said looking at you. "I wouldn't do that to you jai" you said looking down, "can i get you two anything to drink" the waiter said breaking the silence. 

"Um just water for me please" you replied, "uh yeah waters good" jai said to him, "ill be back in a sec" the waiter smiled. "Thank you" you smiled 

"So" you sighed looking up at jai. "How was your flight?" You said trying to make conversation, "uh alright, long". "Here you go guys" the waiter said putting two glasses of water on the table, "anything to order?" 

"Um no I'm good thanks"you replied. He looked at jai "I'm good too" jai smiled 

He walked away. You squeezed the lemon wedge into your glass mixing it around with your straw. "I really wanna talk about what happened" jai said putting his glass on the table. You realised you cant run from talking about this anymore, you nodded you head looking at your drink, mixing the ice cubes with your straw.  

"You know that i would never do something like that to you right" jai said. "Like what jai" you shot back at him. "Cheat on you, flirt with another girl, another girl that means nothing to me" he said in one sentence. You looked up from your glass, "i thought that, until i saw what i saw" you said quietly. 

"(Y/N) i don't like Kylie, shes just a friend, if she was flirting with me, it wasn't me" 

"If shes such a good friend why'd she do it, when she knew good and well that we were together" you shot back putting your glass on the table and looking at jai, "what do you mean 'were together'" jai said worried. Your mouth moved but no words came out you didn't know what to say, "please don't" jai said worried 

"Jai i told you i needed some time to think, and you couldn't even give me that, you chased me halfway across the world, you couldn't even give me a day, 1 day jai thats all i asked" you said quietly. "Shouldn't that just prove that i love you" jai replied getting a bit angry, "it proves that you cant respect one little thing that i ask, 1 day jai you couldn't even give me that" you said getting a little emotional. "Jai i love you more than anything in the world, but you showing up on my doorstep last night messed up my thoughts even more" you said looking into your lap. 

"Im sorry" jai apologised, "jai don't be sorry, don't get me wrong i want things to work out with us", when you said this he looked up at you hopefully. "Really?" 

"Jai through everything i never wanted to lose you, but it wasn't easy seeing that at something that was supposed to be an amazing night, for all of us" you said looking right at him. " yeah i know, i don't know how sorry i can tell you i am, but it would mean the world to me if you would want to work things out" jai said nervously biting his lip and fiddling with his hands on the table 

You looked down at your lap thinking about it......

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