Your Pov:

"Prepare for landing" your heard the captain say over the speakers



After a few minutes the plane came to a stop and everyone started to stand up from their seats. You tried to pull your bag out of the overhead but it was stuck. "Here let me help" nick said reaching up as you took a step back. "Thank you" you smiled as he passed your bag down.

All of the passengers made their way out of the tunnel as did you. "So......" You say as you and nick stop in the airport. "Yeah" he awkwardly smiles. You look around trying to not make it awkward. "Well i guess i should get going" he smiles awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck, "well, hope you have a good holiday" you smile.

"Yeah, you too" he smiles. He looks at you for a while "i should get going" he laughs realising his just been standing there looking at you. He holds his arm out to give you a small hug. You don't want to reject him so you give him a hug with your free hand. "See you around ?" He smiles walking away. You nod and wave walking over to collect your other suitcases.

Jai's Pov:

You and Mariam sat at the breakfast bar. "What did you want to talk about jai" she said trying not to look at you.

"Im sorry about the other night, i know you're mad at me for making her upset, it wasn't my intention i promise" you said fiddling with your hands.

"I know jai, but its not even that, its that the whole night you didn't spend any time at with her" , "that girl Kylie was flirting with you, the whole time" she said looking out the window.

"(Y/N) doesn't deserve to be hurt shes the sweetest girl ever and you really hurt her jai" she said getting a bit emotional

"I know"

"Shes one of my best friends and ill always look after her" she says

You nod your head and look down. "But your also my best friend" she says putting her hand on your shoulder, you look up at her.

"I'll always be here for both of you, but just don't hurt her again or i'll have to hurt you okay" she giggles.

"Come here" Mariam smiles reaching over to give you a hug. "Thanks Mariam" you smile.

You both walk outside. "Everything okay" Ronnie asks. Mariam nods her head and smiles sitting on his lap.

"Well we talked to Jeremy" mum says looking up at you

"And????" You say waiting in anticipation...................

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