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sleepless nights // j.b by polarizedwriting
sleepless nights // j.bby h
❝you're so amazing you could get any girl you want❞ ❝even you?❞ ❝especially me❞ at 2am the initial intention of stargazing alone leads to neighbors, Brinley & Jai meeting
  • jaibrooks
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  • teen
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psycho :: luke brooks by pokemikeyy
psycho :: luke brooksby sugarmommy
He lurks around at night. He watches through your window as you sleep. He's your worst nightmare, and it's coming to life. ©2014-2015 pokemikeyy All rights reserved.
  • insane
  • lukebrooks
  • thriller
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My brothers Bestfriend *jg* by kingkylie1267
My brothers Bestfriend *jg*by Madz
Where a girl is In love with her brothers best friend ✨ Completed book !!!!! Second part : we ain't kids no more
  • jackj
  • sammywilk
  • jackg
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frenemies :: luke brooks by alrightlosangeles
frenemies :: luke brooksby chelsea
❝Why do you hate me so much?❞ ❝I didn't say I hated you❞ ❝Yeah you did❞ One detention changes it all
  • summer
  • janoskian
  • beaubrooks
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teach me // j.b by lowkeydisaster
teach me // j.bby anika
"Just don't tell anyone please" I looked him in the eyes. "I won't, your secret is safe with me," I sighed in relief from his words, "But you ha...
  • lukebrooks
  • beaubrooks
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Janoskian Preferences by janoskianwriter32
Janoskian Preferencesby janoskianwriter32
made up preferences about the Janoskians :)
  • cute
  • player
  • jaibrooks
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Bad Boys Weakness | Luke Brooks by glenroyslut
Bad Boys Weakness | Luke Brooksby Emma
Bad boy ; A man who does not conform to approved standards of behaviour, especially in a particular sphere of activity. Weakness ; The state or condition of being weak. ...
  • completed
  • beau
  • janoskians
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Tides X Jack Johnson by johnsonswrap
Tides X Jack Johnsonby johnsonswrap
"We lost a beloved close friend. He didn't deserve this but I guess it was his time. He will always be in our heart and never forgotten." - "Jack, you kno...
  • magcon
  • camerondallas
  • friendship
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Next door to who?! ✞ Janoskians by septernal
Next door to who?! ✞ Janoskiansby 🌹
My name is Kai, I'm almost 16 years old, my mum just got a promotion and we are now moving to Melbourne. I suffer with depression and had always had hate for it. Little...
  • twintalktime
  • fanfic
  • beaubrooks
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Surf -Luke Brooks- by escapehemmings
Surf -Luke Brooks-by diana
"You owe me," I glared as I crossed my arms over my chest, not bothering to help the panting boy infront of me. He just stood up from the ground, droplets of...
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  • lukebrooksfanfic
  • janoskians
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Having Jai Brooks' Baby by megan_brew123
Having Jai Brooks' Babyby Megan
Having Jai Brooks' baby? I think yes.
  • james
  • janoskains
  • fanfic
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Their Cousin // Taylor Caniff by ot5con
Their Cousin // Taylor Caniffby xxx
The name is Kendra Brooks. I'm an outgoing person and love to have fun. But I'm related to a couple dorks aka The Janoskians and The Griers. ...
  • janoskians
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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Sex Slave Luke and Jai Brooks by Loly_diva
Sex Slave Luke and Jai Brooksby Loly_diva
Most important: My parents are bitches! Hi Luke, Hi Jai.. Your our sex slave Fuck Pranks Dares YouTube
  • jaibrooks
  • danielskip
  • james
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Daddy issues - jai & Luke brooks  by janoskiantwins
Daddy issues - jai & Luke brooks by Luke&jai&beau&daniel
She thought he was sweet but he was the same to everyone else.
  • jaibrooks
  • romance
  • lukebrooks
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Janoskians One-Shots by ALovelyWriter24
Janoskians One-Shotsby ALovelyWriter24
Decided to make a book of one-shots about the janoskians (mainly the twins) so if you have requests send them to me. These will be strictly brotherly bonding one-shots. ...
  • fanfiction
  • jaibrooks
  • james
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Love is evil || Janoskians  by minion-gey
Love is evil || Janoskians by johnjohnkook
"You're mine" He hisses in my ear. "It won't work, I will never love you!" I try pushing him away. "Oh Mia, you will regret saying that.. Boy'...
  • janoskians
  • lukebrooks
  • daniel
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Kidnapped... ~Jai Brooks Fanfiction/Completed~ by AggeliannaX
Kidnapped... ~Jai Brooks GɧơŞŧ ơʄ mɛ
When their hate goes out of the racing track, blood shall be spilled. Fatal hate between Jai and Oliver will lead Jai to kidnap Oliver's sister, Darcy. His friends becom...
  • victim
  • hate
  • racing
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The Unknown Cimorelli (Cimorelli/ Fifth Harmony/ You) [Wattys 2017] by Misfit0123
The Unknown Cimorelli ( madmads89
Y/N Brooks. She lives with her foster family. What do you think will happen when her real family finds her after 16 years? It all happens at a charity concert by Cimorel...
  • fanfiction
  • allybrookehernandez
  • wattys2017
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When Twins Fight by ddupejai
When Twins Fightby 🧡
Jai and Luke hate each other. Jai is the scary and more dominant twin. Where as Luke is the coward-like and afraid twin. Jai bullies Luke in front of the others but be...
  • beaubrooks
  • janoskians
  • jamesyamouni
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BFF's Forever by differently_uniquely
BFF's Foreverby My Babies
Justin and Selena are best friends. They have been from birth. This is a journey through their lives, ups and downs, emotions, fights, and last but not least love. They...
  • problems
  • bestfriends
  • jaibrooks
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